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The earned was expected in days rather than weeks a factfinding mission by the logic nations chemical weapons watchdog has concluded that the burned nerve agent sarin was used in an attack in northern syria either april that killed dozens of people a un panel will now try to determine whether the syrian government was responsible here's james lando the attack in april on the town of khan shake kuna northwest syria was brutal more than eighty people were killed and hundreds were injured including children since then inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has spoken to witnesses and victims and analyse samples they have concluded that the band nerve agent sarin was used as a chemical weapon as some western governments have previously claimed crucially they the inspectors did not try to decide who was responsible that'll be the task of except for united nations investigation veterans nationals cybersecurity santa says the attack which struck computers around the world earlier this week may not been aimed at making money as i assumed details in this report from gordon guerrero computers were locked with a demand for a ransom to be paid to unlock them behavior typical of criminals but britain's national cybersecurity sent a now says its experts found evidence questioning the initial view that the intention walls to collect to ransom this view supported by other cyber security experts have examined the computer code and say the so called ransomware may have massed a real intention to white machines completely one yet has found any proof as to who was behind it gordon guerrero world news from the baby surrey the chinese president xi jinping has praised the off argues in hong kong for curbing the territory's independence movement mr you made his remarks to senior officials in the territory during a visit to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its handover from the uk to china twenty six protesters detained by the police ahead of choice chinese president's arrival have been released on burial the head of the african union alpha conde who has offered to mediate in the crisis between qatar and some of its neighbors as told the bbc it's vital to tackle terrorism and the sources of its funding mr conde who is the.

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