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I'm Vanessa Richardson and this mythical monsters apar- cast original. Once a week, our show explores history's most terrifying monsters by investigating where these creatures come from and what cultural need they fulfill. We can perhaps make them a little less scary though no less fascinating today we're exploring the legend of the Werewolf Wolf Aware Wolf is a human who's been cursed to transform into a bloodthirsty wolfman hybrid. We all know this the legend offers explanation for how some seemingly normal individuals can suddenly give into about of madness. It expresses the human fear that we can never truly know who another person is on the inside as always head to spotify to find free episodes of mythical monsters and all other par- cast originals to stream open. The APP and type are shows name in the search bar. Coming up, we'll dive into the chilling origins of the Werewolf. This episode is brought to you by feeding America. This holiday season many families will turn to food banks for the first time feeding America, is on a mission to help these families by supplying food and resources to food banks across the country. Together, we can help end hunger, learn how at feeding America Dot Org Slash. Hope. this episode is brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When a train hits a vehicle at a railway crossing, the results are often fatal. Be Cautious crossings, and if the signals are going, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks even if you don't see a train..

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