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All right, boys. Game time. Awesome stuff, man. Especially if you are like me, you like doing stuff last second, nothing better than having good seats for either face value or cheapy. You can't beat it. All right, a couple of milestones this week boys. We've been talking about all these points and goals being scored. That means guys are hitting some big milestones and Tuesday, last Tuesday in Seattle. Buddy, Johnny goudreau. He hit 100 points for the first time in his career when he assisted on a Matthew cachaco. Couldn't have come at a better time for goodwill. He's going to be a UFA this summer coming off a 6 year 45, $40.5 million a Dale is going to be probably getting to what $3 million raise. Either way, he's up to a 105 points in 75 games played. He's the first player taken in the fourth round to later to hit 100 points in the season since Daniel alfredson way back in 2005, 2006. And then Friday in front of his home crowd up, but he asked the Matthews assistant on Michael bunting's 21st of the year to hit triple digits for the first time in his career. It's crazy dude. I couldn't believe this. He's the only third Toronto maple leaf ever to hit 100 points in a season. Yeah, I couldn't believe it. Doug Gilmore and Daryl sutland each did it twice. Let's see Matthews did it in 69 games, which is the third fastest ever. He's also just the third American to hit 100 points in 69 or fewer games, pat law fontaine did it, as did Kevin Stevens. And his pod and crime Mitch minor is just 6 games. I'm sorry, 6 points from a hundred points. He's got 6 games to get there. We'll go to you for the weekly stroke off. I'm impressed. I'm impressed with what he's done all season long. I said he's the greatest of all time. We came out with t-shirts. Like what else is there to say? I'm really, really proud of this kid. He's going to keep fucking how many he's going to bring it to playoffs. All you doubters out there are just a bunch of fucking clowns. He's going to take a massive shit and all your doubt in the first round of playoffs and he's in a march those boys all the way to the final. So I'm proud of Matthews as far as those are both my teams. So I got to do the double double barrel stroke off. And Johnny contract year, man. I mean, it was just fucking trying to rag on you guys, but props where it's due. 105 points still running. And I mean, talk about getting this payday, him and his linemate are both going to get their fucking payday. Matthew kachak, who's probably going to be close behind him hitting a hundred points as well. So just two unreal first lines that have been humming all year long and two of the best first lines in all hockey. And as far as bunting's concerned, I still think he's in the run for the Calder. I think he's only got four power play points all year, so as far as even strength points points as a rookie and people say he's playing with marner and Matthews, doesn't fucking matter. I think he's second. What do you want to bet he's not in the final three? I think he's going to be in the final three. Okay, what do you want to bet? Okay, what are my odds? None. Even money? You've been calling this guy fucking call to trophy winners. I'll bet you I'll bet you 200 bucks. Is that a lot of money? Is that embarrassing? I know. Does that get me out of bed in the morning mostly? No, but for you, I'll do it. 500 bucks. How about 505 hundred bucks? Boom. It's gonna be in the top three. Thank you very much. There we go. Fuck. Come on, voters. What do you do with the guy? It's like happy Gilmore and third grade when he's like, telling the kids, don't ever wish you have to go to high school. Or Billy Madison, excuse me. He's not up in the top three. By the way, biz. I think you're going strictly on age, and I think that if you watch any leafs games, you'd see he just, he does way more things than just get points and score goals. And he's just all around a very good hockey player and can help you score 5 on 5, which is one of the hardest things to do in the National Hockey League. He doesn't go look at all the inflated power play numbers on points for all those other guys. I'm not saying he's going to win it. I think Marie cider is probably going to end up taking it down, but I think if you don't consider him the top three, you're a goon who doesn't watch the leafs play you're too busy sucking off your fucking oilers. You have to be crazy in my mind to believe if you were to put bunting next to Tanner, you know, that you'd have bunting in the final three over him. I think the way that one thing is a great player, but playing with those two guys and then looking at Tanner genome and the entire overall game, the fighting, the goals. Yeah, that's fine. But he also had one point in his first 12 or 13 games of the season and unfortunately I'm going to fucking evaluate the entirety of the season of the full body of work. Do I think what Janelle is done in the last 55 to 60 games has been incredible? Absolutely. But he hasn't put up the numbers for a bigger sample size in which he's done. Do I think that I think Janelle probably deserves to be in the top three to be quite Frank, I'd probably have him in there over Raymond. And now all of you fucking red wings fans are gonna be all over me for the next week..

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