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Body feeling good for pain relief. Sometimes people use them for stress relief unwinding at the end of a long day. What have you sativa Zor separately thought of as as the taller, sort of more open branching lengthier plant with much narrower leaves or leaflets sativa Zor more uplifting. It's good for data. Use not as much of a body feeling generally more of a head high to it, and they're going to be a good mood booster people like them for dealing with depression or sort of that sort of type of thing. Yeah. So loud in collaboration with the friend and colleague did a study of this where we sampled different cannabis types for strange. We've got a lot of options. I mean, we just got a nice new, Stephen Engle Congolese really heady, really nice, bright taste to it. And when we dug into this concept of Indika sativa, we had actually recorded from the people that we obtain the samples from a measure of how much Indika or how much like the percentage ancestry as we called it for each of those ample. So you know, some plants would be said to be one hundred percent Indika and others would be fifty fifty Indica sativa and others would be eighty percents t. The question we asked was, was there a correlation between the reported ancestry? So what the grower or the seed company said about that. Plant and what the Gino type told us in terms of the relationships. And we found really a moderate correlation between the reported ancestry and the Gino type which meant to us that there was not a very good correlation that the the actual ability to discern if something would be in the curse achieva based on the label alone wasn't very high. And so I personally look at the Indika sativa designation with a grain of salt. And I, I don't think there's a lot of scientific evidence to back it up. So we're going to step into an India, spend cultivation lab, this purple Kush. So purple Kush is a is a strain or a cultivar of cannabis. That's widely grown as a medical cannabis strain used as recreational product as well as probably the best understood cannabis plan in the world in terms of its jeans and it's genetics. I guess what's also significant is that it's would be growers. And consumers would call an Indika style plant. So you can see fairly wide leaflets on this plant. I think there's a disconnect between what we what we see the physical appearance of the plant in that kind of stereotypical difference and the the subjective effects and the and the chemistry that produces those affects about another plan from our collection that has very narrow leaflets quite an open physical habitats. The branches are quite sort of widely spaced and that would be what, in general, the light, you know, haven't. I don't put a lot of credence in this Indika sativa separation. This would be typically called a sativa. Well, even though the science can easily distinguish between varieties like indicates Tiba the users at the hot box cafe in Toronto. Certainly think they can find the TV's get your high, go get. You don't one's going to be a little more energetic because I don't think you get a caffeine rush like some people try to Klay too, but you do get more into your head more awake, I guess, per se. Whereas if you smoke incorrect, get stoned more relaxed, more chill Indika because they tend to have a little bit more effect for the body also gets the TV people like exercise on it. If I smoke a good, Steve cleaned my entire house, which I never do. Like all my clothes are sorted by color offering me right now. I try to gear myself to sativa strains during the day because I need to function whether it'd be for activities or for work or whatever the case may be eight. And then at night last night, for instance, I was driving all day long and the time I got home, my back was really sore and I was uncomfortable. I just couldn't sit properly. I was very uncomfortable, so I smoked Indika and fifteen twenty minutes later. I was out like a light watching TV watching CBC news actually. Cannabis is a mixture of chemicals and those chemicals in combination produce the pharmacological outcome. The effects on on the person consuming it..

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