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I mean in his starts here again versus joe roff those are the two guys that we're talking about here faulty is actually headed out to washington and then home to miami so kind of a split choice there and then joe ross gets atlanta at home and then goes out to the mets in city field so jason i'll start with you on this when mike photon average versus joe ross who do you like the other joe ross here i i've never really been the fulton every corner i still think ultimo he's reliever i know i've been kind of the minority about that but it just you're getting back to the ryan standardissue here's a lot of fastballs and i think i always expect more fulton have it's given what at what i see of the quality of his fastball vote with joe ross angry ross you you've got an i have been a fairer you have been a bigger fan i know has to deal with joe ross you have all the run support as long as the nationals aren't facing kashmir for whatever reason at ezio he's getting beginning the strikeouts ends is yours only been seven starts but you look at everything else he again not walking the home runs have been problem obviously that's gonna that's gonna hurt and that's why is eerie is the way it is but as with mike fires we talked about might fires last week and we see i think we had might fires and our deep deep to start league and i said pick up might fires because it the only way go for it can't get any worse than this he is absolutely rockbottom might fires went out one both games this week so it you got at a certain point a home run rank and so high.

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