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Killers. Don't make any effort to involve media or best Gators. They're very secretive. They don't wanna tension. They almost want their crimes to go on notice. But the idea of committing a crime, and then calling the police and bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. A man who wore a mediaeval style executioner's hood who has police and baffled the media. He seems to crave publicity. He's sent letters and Ramsden newspapers. And the belief subject stated, I want to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it. Here. We are fifty years to the first sodium killing in today's world of friends IX, the old cases are being solved who doesn't wanna know how it turns out from the creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster the zodiac killer. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app. We've talked about how Jenin Sarah Hart met each other. And how they quickly adopted six kids we've talked about how Jen curated an identity for the family on social media and at music festivals. And we've talked about how the hearts lived. Now, we're going to talk about how they died. This is hard stuff, obviously. And we've spent a lot of time thinking about it. What happened in the week leading up to the hearts five hundred sixty one mile trip from Washington to California. And when Jen arrived at the edge of the cliff what made her keep her foot on the gas. From glamour and how stuff works. This is broken hearts. I'm Liz Egan. And I'm Justin Harman. We're going to check back in with Bruce and Bana DeKalb who were the hearts neighbors in woodland Washington. You'll remember they're the ones who were woken up in the middle of the night by Hannah Hart. Shortly after the hand in they bought blinds and never ever opened never clues for four. So. You couldn't see in the house. You couldn't see in their car. They go from the house to the car and from the car to the house, literally single file, and it was like kind of at a fast clip almost like running. Jennifer would get out and opened the doors then they would get out and single file to the us. I was hoping to see Hannah again as I was hoping to get it to her that you're always welcome Michael no matter what Phil free to come here or have her give me a signal. You know that she health. I wanted to let any of the kids know, the, you know, they need how just gimme the not because I just never felt comfortable about what I was observing. That's Dana who still teared up when talking about the hearts, nearly two months after they died, even though the sheriff's deputy had told day-night wasn't illegal to not let kids play outside. She still had a bad gut feeling about the family. In fact, she vowed to keep watch on the comings and goings of their cars on anything. She could decipher from the house with the blinds drawn tightly shut. She made sure to take notes of each new. Visit devante would make to their house for months. Dana had only gotten tiny tidbits. Devante clipped, greetings when she tried to intersect him in the driveway on garbage runs. But now finally little by little devante was opening up. We have to take our garbage cans to street, and it's a long ways in. So I would watch for the kids has I wanted to try to have a conversation with many of them, you know, but I could never get him to talk to me. And I never saw Hannah one time devante, and I waited for him caught up with him and I talked to him, but he wouldn't answer me. Riley. We went to split. I said, well, you know, the day because yes, ma'am, that is all off from the hallway of the driveway. He got back into the house. And if I saw Jennifer scolding, she went inside and left him standing out rate. And my first reaction. My God was he just aren't trouble for talking to me. And then from that day on we never saw take the garbage. They did it in the night. I thought okay, obviously, there's something going on that they've been instructed not speak with us. That day forward divine team. He was the only kid at the six that was ever outside doing work. He was raking leaves or calling things one day. I sat watched he carried ten bags of soil from the front of the bar. And I kept thinking my God, there's sex of even the Hannity two tiny. There's three boys in Marcus was way bigger on tape. And so it blew my mind. And I watched that thinking eventually I'm gonna see that. It only devante when you told me that the kids chose to live out in the country wanted become so sufficient, then I would expect to see kids out in the yard planting or enjoying the property e-e-e-e-no. If you wanna live like this you enjoy it. And so it wasn't adding up. Gutting staint still at yarn. You talked about it for I was obsessed with she was obsessed with it. I watched their comings and goings a new win Sarah had a day off. Stopped to sensually because I just couldn't let it go. Aside from the few brief conversations in the driveway. The dekalb's felt the hearts were avoiding them. But that changed on Thursday, March fifteenth two thousand eighteen when devante approached Bruce who was working on his truck and asked for tortillas. It was a simple request like asking for a Cup of sugar or a stick of butter and Bruce was happy to help that same day over on Facebook. Jen was celebrating the ninth anniversary of devante Sierra and Jeremiah's official adoption date. She posted six black and white pictures of the kids grinning and wearing cute hats. We won't read the whole status update. It's a long one too. But the lions are about to hear pretty poignant considering what was about to happen. And considering that devante might have been asking Bruce for food at the very moment. Jen type these words I am a better human in every possible way for knowing these children. They have been my greatest teachers, contrary to the common notion that we can't choose our family. We absolutely can we choose by loving and that's worth celebrating every damn day. Dana Bruce weren't friends with Jen on Facebook. In fact, they had no idea she was active on social media until after she died on Friday, March sixteenth two thousand eighteen around nine AM the answer to knock on their door. There was devante again asking for bread this time. Dana was the one who gave him the food shouldn't have bread. So she gave him tortillas instead the first night. I didn't think anything when he came back. I was like that's weird. Okay. He would kind of watch down the road watch down the road, you know, but he was the only here this long as he needed to be or. Never came in the rain. No, go never came. When not step what I'd say to me in any. It's raining, and he'd be like he was always really a hurt. But then when he came back Friday night, it's like, wait a minute. I just give you thirty tortillas. Specifically, I gotta take stock and just, you know, size him a-. A. He was always dressed in baggy or close rubber boots and longer. Sleaze. You know, I mean in March when start coming over here, it's still wet and cold his shoulders super small in comparison to his head. I am little shoulders Hughes. Smaller? He was really thin arms roads because my wrist dollar you five four with he taller than you. Around. My height was fall. The next day around five PM devante was back. He wanted more food, Bruce and Dana tried to get him to stay and talk. Dana was determined to collect information. She could share when she called child protective services again. Remember, the first time she spoke to them after her dad reported the hearts, she was told. There was nothing they could do to help. That's when it was like, okay. We gotta get details. So every time he came over. I would ask him a little more in a little more. You know, I it was just about playing outside, you know, where you are allowed to play outside at your other house than it was what about school? Meanwhile, Jen continued to post about devante on Facebook. He was one of her favourite subjects we know that already four days after his first visit to the dekalb's. She shared a picture where you can only see his eyes Brown smiling. The bottom of his face is obscured by tray full of dirt and seedlings the post rates we currently have six hundred flowers slash vegetables growing in the living room before their move to the little greenhouse. She goes on to say that the kids are quote reading their environmental biology books out loud to each other. And to the plants. It sounds like a cozy scene.

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