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Good morning. Awesome to a Monday. Hope you had a good weekend. We can flew by KFI AM, six forty more stimulating talk. Here's what's coming up on the wakeup call. Florence has been downgraded from a hurricane to tropical storm. But doesn't mean that she's still not wreaking havoc and she's been deadly. We'll find out the latest on the remnants and at five oh five we'll talk about it with ABC's. Jim Ryan who still in Wilmington, North Carolina. A man is killed himself in the parking lot of an emergency room in Whittier the woman accusing supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh of sexual misconduct has gone public in the Washington Post and Ellie ram center air near has been arrested for DUI in Simi valley. Six zero five eight is handle on the news. But let's start with some of those stories coming out of the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Hurricane Florence is. Now, a tropical depression, but it's just sort of sitting where it spread over six states floodings expected to peak today in parts of North Carolina. Onslow county emergency services director Norman Bryson says it's the worst disaster. For the state since hurricane Hazel in nineteen fifty four. We've had people on top of the roofs of their cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We are going to picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on top of their houses at least seventeen deaths have been blamed on. The storm Wilmington North Carolina is almost entirely cut off by water. So fficials are planning to airlift food. A man is killed himself in the parking lot of an emergency room. In Whittier the man's family had taken him to the Whittier community hospital yesterday because of a mental health crisis. The woman accusing supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh of sexual misconduct has gone public in the Washington Post Christine blazey Ford from Palo Alto recently wrote a letter to or congresswoman claiming cavenaugh got drunk trapped her and groped her when they were both in high school. The letter was forwarded to Senator Dianne Feinstein new Senate to the FBI Democrats are calling for Republicans to delay this week's confirmation vote. Well police in Glendale say guitar. A teacher accused of molesting a boy might have done the same to others. The Glendale PD is asking people to come forward with any information about her meek Haag virgin, he was accused last month of allegedly touching an eleven year old Imber inappropriately while giving Qatar lesson at the new generation's music school. Well, LA Rams center. Aaron neary has been arrested for DUI in Simi valley. Police say nearly crashed into a bus stop mailboxes and trash cans yesterday. People who call the cops said someone was driving a radically and kept crashing into things without stopping near. He's Breathalyzer tests came back in at point one seven percent that's more than double the legal limit for alcohol. The damage could be charged as hit and run on NFL player retired right in the middle of a football game. The Buffalo Bills were trailing the chargers by twenty two points at halftime Sunday when the next quarter started bills are started bills cornerback vantera Davis was gone, but he was gone for good ABC's. Brian Clark says Davis put out a statement. Saying this isn't how he had pictured retiring saying reality hit me, fast and hard I shouldn't be out here anymore. He went on to say, it was more important to walk away healthy and said, he meant no disrespect to his teammates and coaches one of Davis's teammates that disrespected is exactly how he felt after the mid game retirement. I'm sure Shannon will be talking about this today. Because I know she was there for the game. So Gary and Shannon on tend to to today. And I'm sure she'll have a little inside info since she was out on the field. A would be burglar Chula vista wasn't fooling around by anybody or fooling anybody by posing. As an Uber driver. Police say the guy was carrying what appeared to be cocaine. The guy approach to woman yesterday when she walked out to get the newspaper. He claimed to be her Uber driver, but she hadn't ordered a ride the man tried to force his way inside. But the woman's husband helped close the door. Please took the man in for a mental evaluation. Other teen year old is taken to balloons of cocaine to his middle school in the central valley. Students found the balloons filled with a mysterious white powder on the school playground. On Friday, a local newspaper in by failure reports. More than a dozen students were exposed to the coke to were taken to the hospital as a precaution. Police have questioned the balloon boy and searched his home. A new study says college students have suicide on the brain. A new study by Harvard Medical School says students are experiencing more stress and feel the obstacles they face can't be overcome. The study found one in five college students thinks about suicide. The study looked at more than sixty seven thousand college students and found that while racial or ethnic and sexual or gender minorities are especially vulnerable high rates for stress events, mental health diagnosis, and the risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts were reported among all students surveyed in two thousand sixteen forty five thousand Americans killed themselves. Julius later KFI news when we come back. We'll talk with ABC's Jim Ryan more about hurricane Florence. That's now tropical storm Florence. But that doesn't mean that she is still wreaking havoc right now. It's traffic.

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