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The story thus far. The direction aliens have been found Jason Sterling wit Robert says essential and Rebecca von out traveled to the Central African Republic a covert extraction mission using Rebecca's sensitivity to stone energy is a homing beacon. The team was able to locate the buffer station an ancient stone temple hidden deep within the Congo rainforest constructed approximately the same time that Leviathan city was built. The BUFFA station was built as a safety mechanism for all keyhole travel. Any malfunction in the Inter dimensional portals would result in the travel of being safely rerouted to the buffer station, Gutu Selection Aliens, Elgar and Khurana were deposited thereafter. Their escape from Leviathan was cut short by Jeffrey tally by destroying the corresponding keyhole shortly after rescuing the aliens black door double crossed Sunshine and Rebecca resulting in a deadly shootout, violently killing Rebecca Sterling and Roberts programmed temple to self-destruct before escaping with the aliens to a location in the Canadian high north known as the crossbow station but before the temple could explode, Sancian grievously wounded and near-death managed show activated Keyhole Portal for a blind jump to transport him to an unknown location in Tokyo Jeffrey? Tally. Anton. Rescued over l'instant clever from the clutches of Yakuza Gangsters. The accuser leader Amnon Ketziot Kazunori Takeda made a deal with tally to find his missing son Toshi but knowing Tanaka would betray him tally called upon fish egg Freddie to procure piece of deadly pufferfish says she made to force feed Taku in order to rescue Oberlin and learn the location of the crossbow station built for the black door grew by non-keiretsu and back in. Leviathan the condition of the underwater city continues to deteriorate how outages plague the city and fluctuating levels of the precious shield threaten the survival of his populous engineering chiefs. Marcus Benson an Astro Angela have been unable to contain the destructive effects of the deadly virus implanted by Banou into the Leviathan Ai Harlequin, and his ward at have returned to the underwater city with chloride can a computer hacking savant in hopes of Saving Leviathan And now chapter, Forty Five..

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