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Since Russia invaded 8 weeks ago four buses managed to carry evacuees to safety yesterday This comes as the U.S. issues more sanctions on Russia Residents in northern Arizona are fleeing their homes as a wildfire rages out of control northeast of Flagstaff More from Mark Mayfield The eternal fire tripled in size Wednesday and so far has burnt nearly 20,000 acres of pine forest County officials say over a dozen homes have been destroyed and more than 2000 residents have had to evacuate Over 260 firefighters are working to control the blaze which is being fueled by gusty winds The national weather service has issued a red flag warning for parts of northern Arizona today because of strong winds Medical bills are sky high as it is but a new report says some people are paying for bills They don't even know That was the most common debt collection complaint last year federal data shows roughly one in every 5 people have healthcare related debt I'm Michael kassner Paul Sweeney This wall of worry everybody's been climbing it Matt Miller When you look at individual stocks what do you like Along with Bloomberg's sharpest market analysts Not only basic Wall Street border for Bloomberg news Bloomberg markets Weekdays at 10 a.m. eastern on Bloomberg radio The United States growth coming out of this crisis has been stronger and more resilient than any other major economy in the world And frankly the U.S. economy right now is in a stronger position than any other advanced economy even when you take into account inflation At the same time inflation is a serious problem And we need to orient our policy measures to address it The national economic council director from New York City this morning good morning equity futures shaping up as follows on the S&P 500 positive on the S&P by 8 tenths of 1% positive on the NASDAQ by a little more than 1% And.

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