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Land Rover above and beyond Iago make me lose nine which he did. He went to insensitive. Yeah. I guess we didn't make you just kind of naturally progress. It happens. Happy gonna do. Happy birthday forty eight years young. Yeah. That's okay. That's good. Thirty eight years you. The Lakers were trying to get Trevor REEs a reportedly didn't work, by the way did Trevor REEs ever actually officially make it to Washington or did they finally sorted? The Brooks issue out him and Brooks and Dunn trade it for each other. Okay. So Trevor REEs is a member of the Washington Wizards, which means that at least for the time being the Lakers aren't going to get him. So what are they doing you? And I were talking about it yesterday. It still feels like there's something out there. It's still feels like there's a move that. The Lakers are gonna make and Kevin pelton ESPN dot com. Kind of through some names out there as guys that are potentially available for the Lakers. They're gonna get to see one of them tonight in Brooklyn the Lakers play the nets damore. Carol is one of the guys that's a potential target for the Lakers. Rudy gay for San Antonio is on this list. Wayne Ellington from the heat Justin holiday from the Chicago Bulls in Rodney hood for the Cavs. You tell me the Rodney hood feels like a scratch off. I mean, we've already seen Ryan couple fussy a couple of scratch. That's why. The first thing I thought was like Kevin. I know you really competent and really good at your job. But it's hard for me to imagine. Great poverty, saying, yeah. Let me help the Lakers out. Well, you want Rudy gay? Yeah. I don't see that happening while I think Rudy gay is a still a pretty good player in this league fact towards the the Lakers, you know, not too long ago human Calcutta Hedda had a bucket for bucket. Yeah. It's pretty entertaining. He can still up the buckets pretty well competent defender, you know, a pros pro you never hear about them getting in trouble anything like that. I think he would fit in seamlessly. But I don't think Pop's going to do anything to try and help his rival in any fashion when it comes to writing hood. You're right. I don't think that LeBron want that again. Yeah. That feels like one of those LeBron would say, hey, magic not. Why don't we keep looking? He's like he's like wants above Thomas. You know, a couple of steps above Thomas not on the list of people in the bra and play with. He might be taught Thomas, but at the end of the day, he might just be Thomas as far as I'm concerned here. Here's where I think Rudy. I I agree with you. I think just as a starting point Gregg Popovich, helping the Lakers is just done here is he's here's the the, but the San Antonio Spurs are sixteen and fifteen they're not way out of the playoff picture, but they are out of it. And it feels like if you had to bet if it some of the teams that are below the line San Antonio, Houston, Utah even New Orleans with Anthony Davis, you figure like those teams that are for more likely to rise up above the line. Then San Antonio right now, just a San Antonio having seen them bunch of time. So far this season. They look like an average team. They look like about a five hundred team which I don't think gets into the playoffs in the Western Conference. If pop decides at one point or another look Rudy gay is not the future of my team. I can get something that might be a piece that I can use for several years as opposed to few months than maybe he shakes loose. He might say lose. But he's not shaking news for the Lakers benefit. I just I just have a hard time seeing the guy who has for everything Kuna piece of the team for us to trade for Kawai. It's all it's all of a sudden say let bygones be bygones, give me a pick and Brennan Ingram, and you can have Rudy game. I just don't see half. I'm not the biggest Brandon Ingram guy in the world. But I'm not trading. Brandon Ingram for Rudy gay. I'm just saying as as a throwaway sort of example. I just don't see that conversation really going anywhere. Wayne. Ellington is interesting to me. I'm not quite sure if Pat Riley wants to help the Bronwin another chip either..

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