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O'clock and Chad Bauer and K. away eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado it really is a lovely looking drive across the metro on this very cold crisp Sunday morning with no major storms delays crashes couple of construction items that might slow you down the sea for seventy west bound remains closed between Quebec and university two eight this morning so please do watch out the T. tools I seventy just to we bit heavy right now nothing too much but to looks like there might be some early morning construction crews out there so please watch out for those between Quebec and two two five and please watch out the potential construction crews early this morning on the boulder turnpike between peacocks and federal folk thirty one pinpoint weather mostly sunny today high of forty five your current temperature is twenty dementia que LA Chad not let his team at E. X. P. realty know how to sell your home and they know how to sell it fast as a matter of fact Chad nexus clients on average three percent more than the market and right now he guarantees to sell your whole within twenty nine days or he won't charge you a commission you heard me right he sells at twenty nine days or no commission to Chad call for all the details three zero three nine hundred eighty five seventy or online and fast they'll guaranteed dot com in the Army National Guard family means everything our parents they're really supportive all five of us would join I got my education because of the guard I got to travel a little bit experience a whole different culture they helped me get my job only pay for my house serving part time in the Army National Guard instills pride.

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