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Com. Solid day at Ursula. Solidad. Hi, Larry. Thank you for having me. My pleasure, you've written, quote, in Virginia, Republican Glenn, young and defeated. Clinton needs to Democrat Terry mcauliffe governor, young and ran on school choice and issue dear to Latinos who understand that education is a key to prosperity in the middle class. Survey by AP, vote cast showed that black voters supported mcauliffe by nearly 8 to one. Latino voters on the other hand appear to a favorite young kid who received 55% of the Hispanic vote compared to only 43% supporting mcauliffe. If Latinos had voted in the same pattern as other minority voters, it would have guaranteed a Democrat victory if they did not, which does not portend well for the future of the Democratic Party since president Joe Biden won Virginia by ten percentage points a year earlier. What's going on in solidarity? Well, really Democrats have taken Latinos for granted. This whole time. They've really ignored our needs. And our needs really are education. That's what lifts us out of poverty. The reason why, you know, with teens or years, America is the land of opportunity. Look at my family, you know, my paternal grandmother, she only went to school until third grade. That's what she needed to work in the fields. But two short generations later I have a master's degree. So when you look at Latinos, just intergenerationally, we see a lot of second and third Mexican American Latino citizens that are now the middle class. So education is really the pathway to the middle class. Ursula, as you know, Donald Trump increased his percentage of Hispanic vote from 2016 to 2020, even though he allegedly made the racist comment that Mexicans are rapists close what which course he never said. How do you explain Donald Trump's appeal? How did he increase his Hispanic vote from 2016 to 2020? By the way, he also increased the black vote by about 50% of those four years as well. Well, I think he was really the first one who really went to the woo them. He was very present in the southwest. And, you know, Democrats sort of just see us. You know, I like to say that we are Latinos are the cinderellas of the Democratic Party because we do all the work we're treated as the help and no one really listens to us. But so what Trump did was he went there and he listened to them. They were serious about education and also public safety. It's a real mistake to think that all Latinos are for open borders. They're not. And we've just seen that, you know, in South Texas, where the Obama Biden administration, their handling of the southern border has just been disastrous. And that's not doing well for Latinos. We want secure borders. We want Law & Order. Republicans are also pro choice, Donald Trump was avidly pro choice. Your mom, Gloria Romero, former state senator in fact, Senate majority leader here in California, cross party lines and supported me during the campaign because of the issue school choice. And you will find that, you know, Latinos, there's no real allegiance to one party. We will vote in our economic interests. And in this case, Republicans are offering public safety and public education. So, you know, it's really we're going to vote in our interest. What affects us. And so if Democrats want to keep offering failing education and open borders, they're going to see a mass migration of the Latinos. My guest is solidar at Ursula, solidarity, you also write about South Texas, the 118th Texas House district talk to us about that. What happened? That's a 73% Hispanic city district includes San Antonio. 73% Hispanic, yet a Republican did an upset win against a Democrat by about 300 votes. What happened? So these border towns, you know, they're really there on the front line, watching a lot of failed immigration policy. They're seeing cartel runners are seeing him in trafficking. There's some really egregious things happening on the southern border. And, you know, the current administration just doesn't want to see or talk about it. And so Latinos see that they're directly affected by the crime that's going on. And so we want some Law & Order. So again, Democrats just go down the road of thinking that Latinos are for open border. And it's not true at all. You took a swipe at mister beto o'rourke. And said that the left effort to assimilate into Latino culture by taking a Spanish nickname isn't cute. Are a lot of Hispanics recoiling because beto o'rourke has call himself beto, Robert beto o'rourke. Well, you know his name is Robert Francis o'rourke, but of course he decides to call himself beto. You know, we see through that. We see it as phony. My father can lost. He's had to change his name on his, you know, documents to Tommy. My maternal grandmother solid vibe. She changed her name with Sally. So we've always had to change our names..

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