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Time of year where that is mainly caused. What we're talking about is you know the snow? The frost. We get calls every year of people that condoms are emails. People ask us why their driveways are moving. Why their driveways moving up. They now have a Toast over when they walk our their driveway out of the garage onto the driveway and historically happens especially to the sides of the house. And don't get any sun is that Frost build so much underneath the concrete, your concrete gonna do one of two things. It's going to left or is going to live to crack. And hopefully it's not tight in your truck, and I've never been fans of pinning concrete into concrete. For that reason it cracks. But once I lived a lot of times it goes back down. Not into the same place, right? Yeah. Yeah. And you don't want to lifting and you don't want it thinking, you know, it's a crazy thing. You know that we see that we just got an email from somebody who's Concrete block basement wall is moving in. Yep, because that Frost. Yeah. You know, this is the time of year that stuff's going to start happening. So you want to be aware of it? You want to stay on top of it. Be aware of it. And you, have you Did you call it? Brett Butler for me? One concrete, leveling and breath. Been doing this for so many years. He's the one we would turn to when it comes to these kind of issues exactly. And talk in a few segments we mentioned earlier about what kind of home improvement would you want to do that? You wouldn't want anyone to know about it? Well, the answer is a vault room or a safe Roma. Um, but we talked to Our late good friend, David Kaplow that said that when he builds houses, he would put one in 25% of the new homes he built. He would put a safe room or evolved in that room. You and I start to see that house Maybe 10 12 years ago in upper end homes that they were getting some kind of a safe room, some kind of a vault room. And was that on the cusp of a movie that came out Twister, I believe was, Was it or wasn't one world family was trapped in their home by terrorists? What was that Jodie Foster. Panic room. They call them here. Just panic room. Yes, yes, and you can retrofit. You can put these into existing homes and other things you can do. To help give you some safety, especially in today's day and age. People want safety. It's all about safety. Absolutely. So we'll be talking about that little while But in the meantime, we want to take your calls. 888654 guys equals 8886544897. The phone lines are open. You know, the whole safe room. Think it is interesting there a lot of considerations to discuss when you start to get into that you and I had a friend out in Nebraska years ago. That was doing tornado shelters. Yes, And I always harken back to the Wizard of Oz. You know the old fruit cellar where people? You know when I go out there and give a tornado was coming, and they climbed down into the old root cellar, But this guy was doing them concrete vaults. Yes, Yes, yeah. And doing a great job apparently had more work than he could sustain. You know, with this cruise, and do you think that you're going to see where people are integrating these inside their home or outside the home or inside to the home and extending out from the basement there? Really, I say the word easy a lot. Also, they're really easy to put in. And when I see that about something like this.

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