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This thing online to vote for your favorite gyco commercials of all times, they just they used that as their own. Of their own little when you get a bunch of people in a room. And you ask them their thoughts on something. That's just a survey. But more like a focus group of what spots to run. And now, that's those are the ones they run a camel hump day camel. That's big in a big way, you won't like that of your teacher, forget how long ago that was what I know. Just saying it was a big thing like in middle school that the home. In the hallway the kids just wouldn't shut up over hump day. Now, it's on a five-year rest. And now it's back and you'll start putting up with that again. Eight thirty nine. And. For a democrat or two out there who were looking forward to twenty twenty until a OC fired up, and she is an absolute God's gift to Republicans. So far the green new deal is one the other one. Of course is the the Amazon case of last year in New York, not quite going the way the world thought it was going to. And so we had the cut Joe Scarborough MSNBC is complaining about a democrat. You know, there's an issue Scarborough made his point and the guests on the show has to do with just financial illiteracy. And again, I think the most amazing aspect of this is supposedly that's what she majored in. Economics and should have known. There never was some three billion dollars laying around no money that the city was ever going to give Amazon it was just a tax cut. So anyway, the guy he may Scarborough made his point and his guest wants to make the the opposite point, which is basically that AFC is God's gift to Republicans hit it when you have Alexandra or k zero Cortez who I find extremely dangerous at this point. I hope she doesn't tweet that who are you die Deutsche. I don't care about you or anything because basically she has Twitter following that serve. That's how base to basically come out and say as you pointed out, what a great thing is we can take that money and give it to teachers, it doesn't exist. It's an abatement twenty seven billion dollars. We put down three that's business. That's what happens and you attach this to the green deal, and you're handing President Trump. President Trump now gets a the Democrats don't want jobs the. Kratz don't want companies coming to your neighborhoods. The Democrats have a green deal that wants to seventy percent tax rate that wants John frame. But even if you just handed to you that just tuition handed, you socialism, we in a dangerous place. And if people don't in the party don't start to speak up against people like ALgeria. Okay. As you Cortez who was young and dynamic, but does not know what she's talking about and her and her co workers, some of these new fresh progressive faces are gonna hand the presidency back to Donald Trump. I want everybody to understand that. And it's it's true. And I said that Steve Roberts earlier in the hour. All the Democrats really had to do with the people in the middle who are not wild about Trump all they had to do was be normal and instead of being normal this happen. This is some of the wacky stuff. I've heard from the left in my lifetime. I mean, usually there are people who say things like this. But you don't put them out front. Like, you all think it's a good idea. This new green deal actually, put a OC out front. With veteran lawmakers as though it's actually a good idea for us to live off of wind and solar. That's not gonna happen. Getting rid of nuclear living off wind and solar. Number one. It's both would be ridiculously expensive. I have to dig this up somewhere. Read the number of total acres or square, miles of solar panels and wind farms that you would need in or and it doesn't work anyway. Because as you might not know, this probably doesn't know this. But Wendy, are you using wind and. Solar. You have to have say a coal plant or one of the regular plans. We have they have to be on backup running in the event. You don't have enough wind or don't have enough sun. You still have the other plant running. It's not like you got rid of it and closed it. It still has to be there. And you can't just hit a switch and fire it up when there wasn't enough sun. It has to be running all of the time. You didn't get rid of the coal plant. It's sitting there running while you're using the wind and the solar. That's something else. They don't tell you. It's not going to go away. The dumbest thing ever did was get rid of nuclear. There's no carbon whatsoever. No carbon waste from nuclear at all it is by far the cleanest. How many people have died Maniglia power plant? We don't build them like the Russians the Soviets at the time Chernobyl when they built Chernobyl scientists around the world said that is a stupid design that that is a harebrained designed for a nuclear power plant, and it ended up melting down. I mean, the Three Mile Island Three Mile Island. No one died there Fukushima. No one died there. How many people have died digging coal? Probably around the world thousands a year thousands a year. We don't hear about mommy China. It barely makes the paper when six hundred people buying a coal mine. Nuclear is very safe no carbon whatsoever. That's what we do. We get rid of it. We don't need that. So. Yeah. That that might come up in a trivia quiz. Sometime. Did you know the coal plant has to keep running even though we're living off the wind and solar didn't know that. It's eight forty four right now. Eight forty four at seven hundred wwl w and my other favorite story of the weekend is apparently. The story broke that they were priests who were abusing nuns that led to the story breaking that nuns as well as priests were sexually abusing kids. Tim's who died a nuclear power plant who died where Tim or is it Jim? I just wanted to let you know or people have died in entities hard than a nuclear plants in the United States. I remember that bumper sticker from back in the day. So yeah, I'm not aware of anybody dying in the US are over. And that's not the only one I do you. Remember this Ted Kennedy ad that got national lampoon sued. I remember hearing something about it. But that that was a that was. Yeah. But they used to be an ad that showed a Volkswagen bug would float in water. So the ad the lampoon put out was if Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen he'd be president today because of the Chappaquiddick thing. Yeah. I I haven't met. Yeah. Yeah. That was a big one back in the day that led to a lawsuit that an ad company that probably earned their money. But unfortunately, yeah, probably got hired for two. Yeah. Actually, it was lampooned. It was done as a joke. It wasn't even an ad if Ted Kennedy, drove a Volkswagen. He'd be president today. My other favorite was somebody found of long distance photograph some Papa Rasi photograph of Ted Kennedy. In the ocean in like a Chris craft sized pleasure boat. Well, Chris craft made boat, and you can tell by the positioning that he is engaging and will contact you might say with some woman in the boat. You see him up you see two legs coming up beside him. It's obviously what's going on. And someone took the photo when I forget where it was published, and then somebody in congress, and I forget who it was was quoted by saying something like, you know, what we're seeing. Here is true. The Senator from Massachusetts has changed his position on offshore drilling. Which I thought was pretty funny to offshore drilling. Chuck is pretty funny. I laughed out loud as disposition on offshore drilling. I I get it. Yeah. Yeah. I thought you might. God I'm sitting here. Looking at things you've you see when looking have not opened this yet. The headline is this is click bait, and I will click on it. Fifteen celebrities who are just plain ugly. I don't want. We should kind of guess who might be on there before we look I'm gonna go with Ernest borgnine. Just wonder that came out. And are we talking about when they aged? Or when they were stars. It doesn't it just says let's see the first one was somebody with big lips. No lady Gaga. Now. She's not put this list together. What's his name from David Schwimmer from friends? Well, at least about average, I think Mick Jagger on here as being just plain ugly. In matters of taste. Tori, spelling? Yeah. This is this one's bad click bait and the lady who looks like a cat. Yeah. We can all go along. Gotcha. And sarah. Jessica Parker who I read that. She's on a lot of ugly list. And I never thought so no, no, especially since he's from here. Well, that's not the point now with a we support our locals we should anyway. Yes. We who. This guy is looking pretty dashing guide to me race driver. Adrian Brodie pretty good. Looking guy looks dashing? Maybe Italian racecar driver. I'll agree with a smile. Miley. Cyrus is on there. Now, your credit card number has been sent. Well, this is this is I heart stuff here. Okay, fine. We're good enough of that nonsense almost eight forty nine. And what he got my very little. That's how well things have been moving along on this president's day holiday from the UC help traffic center. UC health insci- lives. Hope there's a broken down on girly at.

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