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And welcome back to coast to coast Paula Harris with us our final segment here. Paula of everything you've done in this field. What for you has been the most satisfying? Probably the Latin American work that I'm doing right now. It's just a whole different ballgame down there because I don't have to vet the people as much there when I talk to people that contact have contact. It's it's, you know, they're real they they're they're emotionally. They give me an idea of what the agenda might be for the extraterrestrials visiting. I am very very happy to be working in Latin America, mostly now, I'm going to Chile I'm gonna be in Perot. I've been to Argentina Colombia. And it's a whole other world down there, George, she'll that's the most satisfying. I think and then I wanted to tell you I think I'm a consciousness life, and you're going to be there too. Sure. Shortly. So get to see you there in Emory. Is there Emery we'll be there to that? We can tell our listeners. Absolutely. These are exciting times Paula. They really are. I think two thousand nineteen in spite of what's happening in Washington. We'll be pretty good for the people. What do you think? I think I think that there's some benefit to looking at what is happening in the world. We can see what we don't want. We kind of look at what we do want. It gives us a mirror to humanity. So yes, I agree with you two hundred two thousand nineteen going to be an amazing year back to the calls. Let us go to Joe in Long Island, New York to get us started high Joseph, fascinating discussion, caressed and extreme sports. People. You're breaking up a lot. Then show. Let's see if we get you back a little bit. You're still there. Yeah. I want to ask about your your meetings with the astronauts, and what type of personalities you were able to derive from them. And in terms of them being risk, takers. Well, you know, th there takes a certain type of person to take risk. Edgar Mitchell was was probably the closest that I was to also did the Clark mcclinton McClellan case where he was a ground crew astronaut, and he observed he said in space a being a human being talking to our after nuts and the payload of the shuttle, Clark mccown K cases, very famous. They're, you know, those that's where all this happens. If you ask me where the greatest cover up would be I should say think would be there because I'm sure when you're going out into space somebody's noticing. I am sure that they've had all kinds of film footage. I mean at one time there used to be the NASA outtakes with all the U F O's. It used to follow the space shuttle and the different, you know, Apollo and Gemini missions. And so forth. So I think that a lot of what really happened at NASA needs to tell us about. Let's go to Bob in Montana. Welcome to the show. Hey, bob. Go ahead. George. I just wondered if anybody besides me ever see that seem to meter UFO's that are shaped and trying to put together like sugar too. So I was out at about one thirty two o'clock in the morning those cared for by wife. She had multiple sclerosis. It finally took her, but I just cared for her got her to sleep. I went outside and I smoke about this time. I think it was about this time of year forty two below zero. Thanks to a Craig radio. I do the ceiling was fourteen feet. Temperature was minus twenty two degrees. And I saw seven approximately beater. They look like sugar cubes with light setup. They were performing stunts that or just absolutely beyond. Anything of physics to explain they square off with each other charge, each other stop instantly or right? It's a boy to bit packed. They would take off about a forty five degree angle. Or a ninety degree angle rather, stay still or are. They both take off angles. They'd sweep around able to each other bis. On a day finally dissipate. Bob, how they how they take take off to tell you the truth. They didn't I watched for fifteen minutes. You're the one who probably ended up leaving. I was. Stole packs, and they look like Sugarcubes, you know, I gave it the past that the light diffusion, but I'd grab my coat and I have a pair of field glasses. And I looked out through the field four power pill glasses at all. Look like was great bigger was bigger Sugarcubes. They had the glittery surface all them. Surface. What do you think of that Paula? Well, the only person I know that photographs something, and it was a movie that photographs this is an Tony Z. If you go to look at his website, he has movies of these kinds of craft and all kinds of graft in he's out of me Llano. He's at Milan in Italy. And is a contact. He and has has similar footage and Israel last name is. I'm Tony you are like the gun like the assault rifle. How? Yeah. Yeah. And he's he's a he's working with nemo fan right now because his full film footage is during the day up close close and personal you actually see the craft. It's movies. It's not they're not photograph. So and they're amazing. I'd like to bring him to the United States is an example of film footage. You that's a standing next up. We've got Jay Louisville Kentucky. Welcome to the show. Jay, go ahead. George. George. I have no doubt. Flies. But I I can't glance blasts. So important that the government will be what they know about life aliens that what what are they hold back for? What what do you think? Paul of the real reason is governments hold back from telling us the truth. Well, there's a lot of reasons. One of them. You know, I think one could be there. They can't explain it. They can't control it. They they don't know like, we don't know the whole agenda. But the main reason I think is the economic reason I think we have had back engineering from crashes, and that that this technology is in the military industrial complex is the money making technology, and they're not about to talk about what they did in the past. And how they back engineer these things and how the industry is using them. We go to Joe in the Bronx Joseph. Go ahead. Good. How are you ready? Good. Paula. Hilliard was a guest on oh back on coast to coast, and he mentioned medical advancement, which was a scalpel that could cut on one side and quarter is when you flip it over you could quarter alone famously, do you know of any medical advances that can be tied or linked to extraterrestrial involvement. Well, this this Paul hell, you're talking about Colonel courses testimony. And I did a lot of interviews with Paul how he read court shows book, and actually I gave Paul Hallier a letter the course road to a doctor about this scalpels 'cause the doctor wanted it. And of course, told me that the Russians had it that that that this back engineered technology was like a pen could cut in a suture. And but we're talking nineteen. I if this is what Roswell. Nineteen forty seven. So we're talking sixty years ago. So yeah, I think there's stuff out there like that. We just don't know about it. The stuff you were talking about earlier about Sikora New Mexico was at the one that included Lonnie some more of the police officer, you know, the one that I'm talking about with an actual crash one month after the atomic bomb. Lonnie's more was a little bit later was a couple of years later, and that was the landing with actual being the came out of that lending, left, lending traces. But it was very close to San Antonio where this happened. Great case, wasn't it. Yeah. And Nick actually did that case. Yeah. That was real. He was a police officer some of these people are so credible. I don't know why we would question them. Let's go next to Mary and snowflake Arizona. Hi, mary. Good morning. Good morning, and thank you, George and policy for your. Franken. Honest, disclosure, bell Elvis. It's really reflect your at your and country flake is worked. Travis live. Yes. Yes. It is. Well, I seventy four headed period unusual experience at Manchester when I was quitting college up in Ashland about thirty of us went down to a centennial thing they have there. And you know, we were just college kids going to look at party right there. And you know, there was just a huge Bill people and groups everywhere, and you know, fires going and things like that sun was going down and are groups there were some some. Fryers I guess you'd call them that were walking around, and, you know, kind of like old priestly outfits, and they were called the brotherhood of the light. I still have this like business card. They ended up to us that had a chance on it about life in London and Thiessen tower may Christ returned to earth and the sun was going down. And we all saw it. Remember, it's hundreds of people their families, and this and that, and we all saw Tun was going down looking up at mount Shasta just from the trees, it was it was only shadows from the trees as the sun was going down. You can see the word Christ almost at the top about while. It was just the shadows from these trees, and you could see a perfectly. I mean almost like a billboard. You couldn't mistake. What it said or anything? I mean, it was phenomenal everybody just stopped. And no matter what condition your in. Everybody's mad. Else? Just popped open. And we were all Mr. Cole senior around with this priest and seen this son that he gave to us on this car long as it wasn't cool by everybody the whole area around the lakes top didn't start and they said grace. Like that Paula at what point does science start to mingle with what you do to get this done. Well, it started a long time ago with quantum physics started a long time ago when the lettuce with dean ratings work within tangle with quantum, you know, quantum theory. So science has already been working on this for a long time. It's just so we don't know about it in in advance science as already figured out a lot of things. So. And we shouldn't divorce this from science. This is a little kernel personal called the new science. Let's go next to Helena in Los Angeles. Hi, Helena, high high George. Hi, paula. I actually exchanged a couple emails with you years back maybe eight years ago when Michael horn of Billy Meyer, same gave me your Email because well, I was in in France in Paris in nineteen seventy two I was involved in a metaphysical a group that was visited by Sicilian farmer named Siracusa. Who had he he's an Italian? Coosa? Yeah. Right, right. You told me that he was still alive. And he's in his no he died in ninety two though. Oh, he did die. Okay. But the whole orientation of that metaphysical group shifted that very day that he came and interacted with us and showed us drawings. He didn't have any photos. It was like they each is people channeled pictures or visions of no he actually met the beings, and he was on the island of Sicily. He was our a damn ski, and he actually met the people from Venus, they were physical people. And this is why in the fifties have happened in Italy. What happened in southern California? Okay. I had the good fortune to go to big rock and the Integra Tron and so forth. I just wondered, and then you told me that you visited that group in Busia because Sean Pau pal he was the leader. Like how Vietnamese and half French and that you had been invited to visit them they're living on both. Yes, that's the Voyager into dementia know, my life is very strange. They invited me to do a lecture on the island of visa their contact..

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