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Is not a democracy. Your boss is not elected. With the exception of the board of directors by the shareholders, No one's elected Then I guaranteed anything Cos want facts, not opinions. When I have a plan I wanted embraced, and I wanted followed well again. I didn't realize that this was a dictatorship, which it is. I mean, or or Russia. If that you're more comfortable with that, Where have you been? It's my way or the highway. Jesse, do I have to say what you want? No, I'm not telling you what to say. I don't edit your comments. Your perspective your style, but it's my ball game. It's my ball. We're gonna play by my rules. Yes, it is. Yes, it is The Mark Webber show. Always investor with Mark River. What? You have a doubt You're an interesting guy. You're an interesting guy. But look, you know it's funny about this. All kidding aside If I'm getting this from you, my father Everyone out there. Imagine what it's like in a company. You better be smart. You better read that situation. You better know which way the ship is sailing and you get on board. So I will say with what you are saying, right now, these air good lessons. But what if I had a different opinion on the show? Great questions. While I was planning Beginning to collect my thoughts. Sending you a rough draft. I'd welcome your input. But once I've chosen and plotted a course it's too late. You're working in a company you choose to be in the luxury business. There's no sales. No discounts. Come come to me later on, Tell me you think we should be selling TJ Maxx or C years or JC Penney? That's stupid, Disrespectful, dumb. And if I were to choose my words very carefully. I like that approach. So, for example, what if I said, sir, With all due respect, I think you're wrong here. Oh, what an opening. I'll tell you what. For the purpose of lessons here. I had started his young man in my company one weekend to what? I was invited to a meeting where the senior vice president of the entire company was holding court and there were a group of 20 individual sitting in this room discussing What the next collection of products would be on. The senior vice president was kind of like the emperor in the Coliseum. He'd be shown all these products and if he liked him thumbs up, or if you didn't like them there with thumbs down and no question about it. You want to talk dictator emperors above a dictator, he decided categorically what would make it or not? And sure people were offering their opinions on when he got around to me. He said To me, Mark, what do you think? I remember saying to him I don't agree with you on many of these things. Some of these things were really current. There my generation. I would like them. I think you're wrong. They went on, continue to talk with the people made his decisions look like you took everyone's input and then decided what he wanted to do. Thea and of the meeting. Everyone said goodbye and as we're all walking out, he said, Mark stick around a minute. He gets up goes to his desk. Points to a chair in front of his death, he says, Come take a seat and he looked at me and said Mark. I may not always be right. But I'm never wrong. So you want to talk about lessons? Well, I gotta tell you, it sounds like you could be one of those guys that you've mentioned before. Who's often wrong and never in doubt. Gush. I wish I never tortured expression, particularly if you're gonna use it against me. The bottom line is you're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own fax. Tax, man or truth, Mattis honesty matters but in my world When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. All right, Let's try something here being that we're talking about opinions. Tom Cruise was in the news this week. Someone recorded him on set of Mission. Impossible. Seven and he lost that he went crazy. He started yelling and cursing at the people on the set for breaking Covad restrictions, and he was really angry news do all kinds of threats. I'm curious. Jesse. Do you have opinion about his behavior, Do you Carol? My opinion is absolutely if you're right, well, OK. I have a few opinions on this number one I'm a huge Tom Cruise fan. Okay. Love him. I thought about if I ever had the chance to meet him, I would. What I would do is I would thank him. Thank him for the years of entertainment and all that, So I've given him, you know a lot of leeway over the years with the aliens and all this stuff he puts out great entertainment. That's all I care about. So I listened to this rant. And apparently, what happened was there were two people who were too close together. Now. My first opinion was He has a very big ego. There was so much I'm doing this. I'm doing this. It's may look what we're doing. Treating. What they're doing is almost like they're putting out the covert vaccine. That's how important it is what they're doing, and it's all about him. It's on his shoulders and what he's doing. It felt a little bit like he's got a huge ego. Now the second part and this is the more important part. My opinion is He did absolutely nothing wrong. We're living in a world a pandemic where too Many people are not taking it seriously, And I think a part of what motivated him was to say if I can scare them if I make this important if I take the few minutes to really yell at them. They'll snap out of it because not only are they putting everyone in danger, as he said, the whole set could be shut down. The whole movie could be shut down. Everybody loses their work. There's a lot riding on.

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