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Across America. It's the weekend with Joe PAGs to talk to Joe, Call 805 01 78. And now the weekend Here's Joe PAGs. Radio stations across the land. Joe PAGs dot com Facebook Twitter instagram email. It's alright there plus the live video feed. It is the weekend with Joe PAGs. Make sure you stop by and do all of that social media Now that the media is falsely or incorrectly early reporting that there's a winner in the election, giving it to Joe Biden. We've been watching the numbers go down on Twitter. Interestingly on parlor P r l e r dot com I'm seeing the numbers skyrocket, Which is interesting. I passed now the following on parlor that I have on On. Actually, I passed the following on Twitter on parlor now, and I've done it in six months where it took me 11 years on Twitter, So we know that there's a left wing clampdown on social media it President Trump work to actually be certified as not having won this race. You're going to see social media unabashed. Unencumbered. They're gonna go nuts and do anything they want to do. So I keep that in mind. I got with Bob Barr yesterday. Former representative of CIA analyst. He's a guy who was also the lead in the impeachment against Bill Clinton back in the day, and I wanted to bring you that interview because I think that it's really, really important that we hear what's happening in Georgia, although the media is falsely Giving Georgia Tio To Joe Biden. I say falsely, because they don't have it verified. It's not certified and the court cases aren't done. But I wanted to find out from Baba. This is from yesterday, so I didn't hear all this media stuff yet what his insight is on what's going on in Georgia. Talk to me. What? What's your overview? Credit to the Democrats Day they did a bang up job of getting their base out. Now President Trump did the same thing. But, for example, I here in Georgia, the Democrats and I have done a good job of going to the communities where they have strong support, and that includes the municipality's Every major city in Georgia now is very, very deep blue for Democrats. They did that, unfortunately. When you look at what the Republicans did early this year, they basically they basically see that the tabulating the tabulation of votes to the Democrats early this year in the way they did that Joe even though the Republican Party has the governorship and the secretary of state once they opened up voting to massive Malin and Dropbox balloting, then that shift the power to tabulate votes away from the secretary of state. Into the hands of local officials and again in every major city in Atlanta. That means Democrats. So the Democrats have been in charge of tabulating the votes. And that's why you know for veteran for worse. Actually, For worse, we see those those those votes for Biden on for Jon Ossoff's who was running against incumbent Republican senator David Perdue keep rising. So it's the Republican Party here again. I don't think they looked down the road to see the long term effects of what they did early in the year to open up voting to all of these Malin and ballot ballot brought box voting and Bob are again He's the CEO of the Law Enforcement Education Foundation. Incredible mind and always appreciate stuff about me. You agree with me. I am 100% against the mail in balloting elicits an absentee ballot that is requested and you convey If I actually the person I'm at the point where maybe we even consider a thumbprint or something, because he's telling you, you're gonna compare the signature of somebody on their ballot. Compared to what you have on record is bogus. There's no way anybody who's an election worker has the knowledge to build to compare those signatures. They're just going to say it was signed. Her wasn't signed and they're going to count it. So is it your opinion as it is mine that this should never ever have been allowed Cove in 19 or not? Election Day is November 3rd going vote on Election Day or get an official absentee ballot that could be verified. I agree with you, 100%. You know it always struck me that voting on voting day. Whatever day that issuing Bouziane. It's on on a Saturday except for national voting. It never struck me that that was such a chore that you had to wind and complain to the government to make it easier and easier and easier. And every time you change the voting system from a person going to the polling place and voting on a voting machine. Time you set up another step in the process between the individual voting and that vote being certified. You increase the chances for problems, mistakes and outright fraud. It is Bob Bargain CEO, the Law Enforcement Education Foundation. Let's go to Philadelphia. Let's go to Las Vegas. Let's go to Michigan. There are allegations by the Trump campaign and by Republicans that that in fact, observers were not allowed to actually observe. They actually had to get a judge Tell in Philadelphia. Tell the election people you've gotta let them within 6 FT. You can't hold him back 30 FT. 25 FT 100 FT In some places in Detroit. They're covering up the windows with cardboard and the observers are outside. They can't see anything, but I thought that it was, let's make sure we got a Democrat and a Republican to ensure that what we're seeing is in fact valid and there's no fraud. Why are we here today where they've been allowed to do this? Because they get in Philadelphia, specifically, hundreds of thousands of votes were counted before anybody was allowed to be within 6 FT. They have to recount all those gonna be a revote. What's going to happen? Well, they're doing it because they can and in those cities such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh City of Atlanta, the same thing in these Democrat controlled cities. They are removing the legal The legality or the legal requirement to have observers. Their independent observers and judges are not doing anything about this. This is something that has troubled me ever since we started this notion of motor voter registration mail in voting, and that is once the vote takes place. Judges are very, very hesitant to step in and overturn it. Even when there is evidence of outright fraud. So should we should we pursue issues legal issues a fraud? Absolutely. But the chances for getting courts to intervene is very slim Mayhem. We saw this in a week and a half or whatnot ago, Joe in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania, actually where the Supreme Court Refused to intervene and make sure that the Legislature and not the courts in in in in Pennsylvania, set the requirement and the deadline for voting. The Supreme Court should. It could have stopped all that right indebtedness tracks, but they didn't in a 4 to 4 vote, which left it allowed the courts in Philadelphia and it across the state. Tio shorten or expand the deadline extended deadline. And, of course, Chief Justice Roberts. You know where he was with the liberals. It's very odd that he's to keep justice. I don't understand it George W. Bush and looking at him now for what the story was. It's Bob Barr. Make sure you check about He's on television all the time. He's given great analysis and also is there a website for the foundation? Sure you don't know, Tio. The best way is just go to Bob are not work. Okay, that has you know all of the work that I do for Liberty Garden for the law? Yes. So just go to www dot bombard not organ. People could see what I've been up to, and I really appreciate being on your show..

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