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Sent a lot of home games left. Still, even after a long homestand, they played more road games than home. Years of swing by BART and a smash, and it goes right through Hampson at second base and on into centerfield Joey Barton made a big turnaround. First, he's get speed for a catcher, and he always hustles. But the center fielder for the Rockies came charging in and scooped it up off course I don't know how they'll score that he hit it so hard that Hampson is kind of beat Hampson up. A big bounce and he tried to swipe at it moving back into his right 104 MPH off the back seat to me. I would use that if I were an official scorer and say that's a hit. There's a breaking ball, the dirty kicks away, and that's gonna move Bart to second. So Daniel Robertson takes ball one. Joey Barton on the wild pitches into scoring position. The Giants ahead 4 to 1 today. Charged an error. Yes, yes, e four. I think that's a bad call. Took some kind of a little hop also because he went over and got in front of it. It came up. It was probably 2 ft. Above ground level. It wasn't like it just took a little hop right into his glove. He had to shoot the glove up Robertson at the plate. He takes down away. Good. Take Against Cici Gonzalez to Oh, no. Robertson hit a ground ball basin and the left field his first time up to knock in a run. Art of the four run first inning for the Giants. You know? Robertson swings and misses fastball at 93. Through the first two innings of this game. Giants have had 11 innings of offense plus a couple matters here and they've had 35 hits in 11 innings. These two games. They should have 36 because joy Bart, I think should have been ahead. Here's a swing and a ball muscled.

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