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Will do Going to the far side of the field and Matt Mahoney wins a header for the switchbacks ends up heading it out of play on the far side. So throwing coming For the visitors. Long throwing good defense there. By Jimmy Oxford Rail Monarch Still with possession, no retreat Just a little bit now and near turnover And it is turned over Michi Galina, though his past a little bit behind its intended target. That was Haji buried. Barry gets it back and now realm on our slide in Two clear that one away Back on the switchbacks into the field now Michael Edwards to the near side for Sebastian Andersson. Anderson, reversing directions passes it back to Edwards. Edwards to Oxford. Goes further to his left for Matt Mahoney. Mentioned Mahoney and Oxford. That pairing has played in every match this season for the switchbacks. Mahoney plays it over the top for Barry. Barry keeps it just inside the end line takes a shot, and that one just goes wide of the goal. Very wanted it the whole way. Almost an impossible angle, though, and just kicks it. Wine. Yeah, he had Kyle Adams on skates. There is Adams was trying to track him into that corner. Great speed shown from Haji Berry. Just attract up all down, Then he brought it in. Got himself a little bit of a better angle. But in the end, just blaze that shot Why, and over but a good run from Haji Berry. Good early stretch of his legs. There's you track that one down now the ball just inside the real monarchs and taken away by the switchbacks. Here's Stephen Echeverria. Play backwards to Jimmy Oxford. Now to the near side. Michael Edwards Edwards over the top here looking for Jose Torres finds them Torrez plays it out to do Shame back, furred. Hands it right back to Torrez. Tor is looking for the cross chips. It To the far post Sebastian Andersson, giving it a run. He'll track it down just outside the 18 yard box up to mocking Gila Band puts a man on skates plays this one in the box for Galina Galina over the Bedford who slipped on the play ball still loose in the box, and now real monarchs able to clear it out. Crazy sequence there. Switchback sure to scored had a couple bites at that one in the end, cleared off the line by the rail monarchs. They'll break down the other way and look like back for got tripped up by the ball there who's as he was trying to put that one in the back of the net. Huge sigh relief from the real monarchs. As now in the attacking in, they'll play this one towards the end line. Sebastian Andersson lets it go out because it will be a goal kick. Brilliant play from the switchbacks once again using their wit. They did that They've done that on the far side of the field early in this game, this time on their right hand side. It's a great ball in it looked like back food was just going for everything with that finish. In the end, just Swept past it if anything, and then the real monarchs were able to funnel in behind their goalkeeper. And clear that one out Jose Torres with a nice touch. Got right at the midfield stripe over the edge of area. He'll swing it out wide for Dashain back for looking to atone. That mishap in front of goal get to the Haji Berry played out wide. Mahoney now Getting involved in the Attacking into the field ball tapped away by real monarch. Now it's loose. And they'll swing it to the near side. You're beautiful Lake. This beautiful play from Douglas Martinez. Sorry, Ryan to get himself out of trouble there, making the challenge on the far side, then just skip past a couple defenders. Young man from Honduras. Made four caps for earned four caps for the Honduran national team. Now with it on the near size Malik Johnson as round monarchs try to get their forwards a little bit more involved in the play here early on in this one, and now this, Shane Beckford takes it away at midfield. Expert with a lot of green try to play it up to Haji Barry. But a great defensive play there by Kyle Adams and Adams will immediately start to break the other way. Real monarchs coming down the far sideline. We'll play this one out wide looking for the cross. Nobody home yet so they'll play towards the top of the 18. It's blocked out of play by Jimmy Oxford in the throat will come almost into McDavid's. Law firm corner on the northeast side of the stadium. Really good covering once again from Jimmy Oxford, sliding across from centre back Real monarchs did a good job just to ride that offside line. In Oxford coming across, as you said, deep throwing for the visitors. Now across goes into the box headed away casually by Michael Edwards. And now by mocking Gila Visitors reclaim control back for nearly stolen away and now the switch. Banks do take control at Bavaria up to back for just shy midfield. He'll play it over to bury Haji reverses fields. Unfortunately, nobody on our side of the field. It goes out for around monarchs. Throwing All ends up going back to do sign up. Using up to Kyle Adams Adams. Was a teammate last year. With the switchbacks to shame, Beckford. As they were. At Rio Grande Valley FC last year. All ends up going out on the near side. Flores will throw this one in Daniel Flores. For real monarchs gets this pass in, and we'll go to Johnson now taken away by it. Alina, only to be reclaimed by the visitors here. They push forward trying to thread it through two errors. Briggs It was blocked away. And now Echeverria And the Monarchs player get tied up there. That was Milano lost key who we talked about in the pregame that is able to draw the foul and it will be a free kick opportunity for real monarchs. Just at the corner of the 18. On the near side and this one will favor the right foot of the KLA product loss Key. Imagine he'll curl this toward the back post. Lot of height in the box. We mentioned the physicality of the Monarchs. Watch out for the.

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