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And including heroin any other illegal drugs. You want to decriminalize it would be the opiates that are the most common which unfortunately right now include heroin cocaine cocaine would not be on the list of substances. I would engage in this. Because of the the addiction has very different features. All right there. You have three of the democratic candidates for twenty twenty radical extreme socialists in every way, the last cut. Andrew Yang wants the decriminalize heroin and Fenton, all three grains of salt or the equivalent size, three grains of salt of Fendt, nor will kill a two hundred fifty pound man genius. Absolutely genius. Before that was that was Mr Mayor Pete. If you care that was his name is Pete Buddha. Judge is name. You know, what's amazing about this guy is who is he what have you done, and you come up with his brilliant idea. We're going to do something totally different. Yeah. Socialism failed tried million times. Anyway, you want we are still following the tragedy out of France that's been on folding all day the fire breaking out at Notre Dame cathedral. Eight hundred seventy years old watching the spire collapsed earlier today was heartbreaking. They were you could see a lot of the scaffolding that was surrounding that's fire and as a six point eight million dollar renovation. They were in the midst of they believe it's connected to that. We haven't gotten any definitive answers. We'll continue to watch and follow that story as we continue here. Anyway, John McLaughlin, pollster strategist. And as we look at these twenty twenty candidates. You know, it's pretty interesting. First of all, we have Donald Trump has now accumulated more money to run for re re. Election than any first term sitting president ever, that's point number one. Matt Towery is with us likes to consider himself retired. But he's anything but retired. Because every time there's a big election. I got a full accurate analysis about what's about to happen. And I basically steal it. And I say this is what's going to happen. And just take all the credit because he's retired. It doesn't want to be known. Anyway. Hitter. Since since my Atlanta days, welcome both of you, by the way, John I give you a special shout out. Because listen, you're the pollster for beebees historic reelection four consecutive five terms total. He will pass the first prime minister of Israel in terms of longest serving prime minister in the course of this term. And what's amazing about it is it was the biggest labor party loss in their history. Number one and number two, the margins were so big in terms of the right coalition led by Likud of that. I think the prime minister thankfully was reelected. Even though they tried to indict them five weeks before an election and. It was really really for that they would do that. But then fortunately voters in Israel recognize what was going on. And it was a witch hunt and a conversation with President Trump's back you weeks ago. He said to me that it was just like over here with you turn in general. And I said, well, yeah, he did a point that attorney general ten year independent, but he did it and shortly one and it was a decisive win. And today, I think the final center parties agree to a coalition recommended the prime minister so as a decisive win for the right and the countries has moved right or center, Israel because of the success in that Donald Trump is is very very well liked in appreciated in Israel and the Israeli voters. Really appreciate the relationship. The prime minister Netanyahu has with President Trump. Whereas able to move the embassy he was able to recognize this. And most important he withdrew from there, really, bad rain Iran deal because in recent weeks, you've seen HAMAs shooting rockets at Israel, those are already rockets Rainiers page to that with the money. We gave the battery and deal so job important win. Great job, Obama and Biden and great job for you. You know, I watched the president. And it's so funny because but once Republicans now are thinking ahead is actually a hill story today. Matt how they're mapping out an early twenty twenty strategy to retake the house. I would say that is a a strong possibility for the Republicans because the president's going to be on the ticket. There was a Fox News piece. A red wave is rising goal. That's true. You see this new green deal you see a desire with all the problems we have at the border Democrats want to take down any border barriers whatsoever. Eliminate is the fact. They'd get rid of the combustion engine gas and oil planes and cows and everything else is free whether you work or on are unwilling to work. I just none of that is going to sell to the American people. And it's like it's like they're doing everything you could ever want them to do if you want them to lose like, I do it's a gift to Donald Trump. He couldn't have a better scenario you have one quote unquote, moderate democrat in the field. And that's Joe Biden and the left is tried to attack him every way they can they want him out of the race. That was pretty obvious over the last few weeks. And so I think John the last time we were on your show pretty much cleared. It believed that the nominee will be substantially center and this country, although millennial stay seal that that that's something. They can embrace other age groups don't go that way. And it you see it. In fact, you talk about the spread state legislatures this year that took. Votes on resolutions, urging congress to reject the green dream, so they're now taking it even to the state level. So would you think about the house of representatives and what these guys have to run on the turnout affected from rings because he's going to bring that base out. Just in huge numbers. I think the Republicans could take the house again, and I think the right shape right now, actually, Goldman Sachs on a ledge and said, the president will be reelected, but they've been a hedge. I wish they could be as bold what they say about finances. And I wish that you'd be correct. No, they listen. They did definitely hedge it, but also Wall Street money now is beginning to flow towards who. They think the winner will be and they in twenty sixty and it was it was Hillary. I think it even if it was Biden, it doesn't matter Biden still would have to run on the dumb things he says about he'd after run on the failed record of him and Obama, and he would be. Pulled so far to the left in the primary that you know, it's going to be very hardly any discernible difference between any of them. Yeah. I don't think I don't think you're gonna see Biden. I just think that the numbers the number that you have the left they start out where does their support go blow out in the first two or three primary or caucus which is highly unlikely given where they are. I see this going to the left, and it's gonna be a very distinct choice as Newt Gingrich would say they are the state choice in the election season in November twenty twenty what did you think John about the president's trial balloon of sending illegal immigrants that are flooding into the country because they see the walls being built and repaired in the money. Now is is in the convers in this is going to happen. And this surge ING across the border to sanctuary cities. And the president saying, you know, what? Because remember back in two thousand fourteen when we had a migrant surge and all of those kids, remember, President Obama. You know was targeting small and mid sized cities. And and now Trump said, well, we'll just send all these people to your backyard. Nancy Pelosi will send him to San Francisco, we'll send them to sanctuary states and cities, you know? And then you see somebody like shares freaking out say hang on a second mice. They can't take care of its own. How can take care of anymore? I'm like, oh, maybe it beginning to realize the cost on the criminal Justice system, the educational system the healthcare system, but I think for the president. It's a pretty smart ju jitsu move on his part. Okay. Well, if you want them so bad, and you don't want to help us fix the problem. Okay. We'll let them move in next door to you. And you know, this issue is helping the president. Because like Matt said, the Democrats are in this arrangement Irvy's going so far left to be the most anti Trump candidate feels because. Not giving them anything. They won't even protect our country and the borders, they won't keep criminals. We'll keep terrorists that they can't even take care of these people and the Democrats are looking bad in the president's job approval. It's going up, and what's different about what we help Donald Trump. Donald Trump win the primaries. He was taking positions that the majority of Americans agreed with the Democrats now taking positions like socialism government control, a healthcare like open borders majority of Americans disagree with and that's the key to winning. The contrast here is just terrible is the Democrats are. So so deranged that they won't even come to a compromise to secure the borders and share who you mentioned her sending a tweet out supporting the president on this. She'd been really at Trump until this point. So when you get those kind of conversions it's a sign that, you know, the country's really moving this way. Because the Democrats are moving off the edge Europe on the left. Well, said stay right there. Right. John McLaughlin is with us. Poster. Most recently for prime minister Netanyahu also worked on the Trump campaign. Matt Towery who I have known for years claims. He's retired. But he's totally full of it because every election. I get great information from him to. Hey, listen, if you are like me, and you want to be a responsible gun owner, you need to know about the USCCA they helped train and protect law-abiding responsible gun owners. And also, by the way, they have their gun giveaway program going on right now. But it ends on April the thirtieth of the seventeen chances to win..

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