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The flyers again jack callahan fox news sirens blaring early thursday in japan as another north korean missile sailed across the country in routes was splashed down in the pacific south korea's president moon jae in says dialogue with the noises impossible dell he's ordered his military to prepare for attacks from the doors so struggles prime minister malcolm turnbull disease is that another example of why it's vitally important to continue to tighten dis economic sanctions on north korea an emergency meeting of the united nations security council conceding later today thursday's launch telling just three days after the un's toughest sanctions yet secretary of state rex tillerson says china and russia needs with greece the pressure on pyongyang's president trump visiting stormravaged florida on thursday saluting the emergency response to the storm i think not a great job i think the federal government satan really thursday night at a dinner of the white house historical association first lady melania trump said she was moved by what she seen in florida and texas i think so so so months fast men there the assists hall keepsake but i have seen dallas cheer as the statue of liberty lee at his horse lifted from a pedestal that bears the considerate generals name in dallas police tactical officers on guard just in case dallas city council have voted earlier this month to removes the roberty lee statue originally dedicated bike former president franklin delano roosevelt full the sex his centennial that statue had stood there for more than eighty years.

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