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First western. Us trip since taking office biden. Stopping in boise idaho today to push for his infrastructure agenda including a three and a half trillion dollars. Spending proposal will survey fire damage in california and campaign on behalf of democratic governor gavin newsom who faces a recall vote tomorrow. The by the administration is taking new applications for recently reinstated program to help some miners from central america reunite with parents in the us. More from npr's frank over donas president biden restarted. The obama era program this spring that allows children from el salvador guatemala and honduras to apply to be reunited with apparent lawfully in the united states. The program was terminated by the trump administration after restarting the program the biden administration reopened fourteen hundred cases that had been closed by the previous administration then in july the biden's state department and homeland security department announced that it would expand eligibility to include legal guardians as well as parents in the united states. The white house says tens of thousands of families should be eligible for the program which is seen as a safer alternative to illegal means of migration franko or donas. Npr news washington. On wall street. The dow was up two hundred. Sixty one points. This is npr. U n high commissioner for human rights. Michelle barsha lead warns climate change pollution and nature loss pose the biggest threats to human rights globally lisa slide in geneva reports partial at says the triple planetary crisis is depriving people to their rights to food water development and even life the opening of the un human rights council bachelet told delegates that a safe clean healthy and sustainable environment was the foundation of human life and had to be protected. Grizz month unleashed steam and murderous climate events of people never region monumental fires in siberia and california huge southern roots in china germany and turkey but warned. The impact of climate change was leading to increase drought famine mass migration and conflict in many regions of the world. She said the future of humanity depended on governments acting to preserve the world's precious resources for npr. News and lisa shlein line in geneva. According to the netherlands said that uber drivers essentially fall into the same category as dutch taxi drivers and therefore should be entitled to the same employment benefits. Amsterdam civil court in a statement today said the legal relationship between newburn. It's drivers quote conforms to all the characteristics of an employment contract dutch workers organization that brought the case called the decision. A major victory uber says it will appeal. The ruling futures prices move higher today. Oil up nine. Tenths of a percent to close above seventy dollars a barrel for the first time since august. I'm jack speer. Npr news in washington..

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