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View, mountainous view with clouds and sagebrush everywhere. And of course, Sam as part of a company based out of Austin called rabbit foot studios. And they were just doing some B roll these they're going to release some more footage to show that they weren't just waiting for a miracle to happen. They were just out there doing their thing. You know, this would be the start of maybe a documentary on finding out maybe digging around and finally of anybody in beaver or Saint George or cedar city or hurricane or any of those areas in Utah had seen anything like it before maybe the townspeople to kind of chime in maybe dude trek out to fifty one or even the test site. Absolutely. I mean, you say yourself. The corridor. Then I wouldn't be surprised if there were more sightings like this out there. Yeah. I mean there have been times where when I lived in Utah. There are places just south of Provo Utah where they were talking about seeing things that they didn't understand. And of course, being having family in Saint George and having them being back in the fifties. Being subjected to the Nevada tests, the military and the the nuclear tests, and we know a lot of things we're seeing there that we're not explainable. In fact, many people are saying that when the Hollywood movie companies rather, John Wayne Agnes Moorehead and others doing westerns many times that were onset saw UFO's over the area. Wondering what they were many of them, of course, wrote them off as being experimental aircraft. And no one knew what area fifty one was at that time. And I don't know how long I probably nineteen fifties. The CIA has had their hands and area fifty one. And most of it's been declassified knowing that they are doing types of. Experiments there. But see what's interesting is that you released this at a time when we're hearing all these stories about well, what has been called drone activity over England drone activity over Pennsylvania, New York. And and when people say they look nothing like drones the government says, well, they are drones and the situation in England. It's interesting is that there were sixty people saw UFO on December nineteenth over over. Glad we're airport. The military and the police stepped in and said, no they're drones. And when people were trying to look around for the drones they've shut down the airport for three days. We don't see anything, but the radar picked them up. They were invisible. So we're either dealing with drones that are able to cloak or special aircraft able to cloak or we have what you have and that some weapons movie so quickly or or some aircraft is moving so quickly that the I can't pick up on it. Unless of course, like you say, you're shooting something you accidentally pick up on this. And then you're lucky to have what you have. I just think it's amazing. You guys got this. It's very very special. I'm glad you're sharing it tonight with the public and thank you so much for being on this program tonight. Sam. Thank you again for having me on and. Yeah, I'll keep you posted with what we release tomorrow afternoon. Ben tastic, I'll be putting on my site, and they'll be directing.

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