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Boats, motorcycles, RV's and real estate donations. Taking a look at WGN sports this morning. It's Joe Brant. There we go. The bulls scored a season-high for points in their one twenty five to one oh six win over Brooklyn last night, including eighteen points from their newest guard and Otto porter jR, seventeen straight games in which the bulls have scored one hundred points or more tonight, the look to make it eighteen straight as they host the Washington Wizards and a few familiar faces Bobby Portis and Jabari Parker returning to the United Center to face their former club, by the way Portas led last night's win over Cleveland with thirty points in his first game as a wizard and they'll be Commissioner. Rob Manfred says that the National League will not acquire the designated hitter in two thousand nineteen major league baseball did change the name of the disabled list to the injured list. The cubs are being considered for one of the teams to compete in an exhibition game in London in two thousand twenty next spring NFL, the bears handed out promotions to defensive coaches to Shay town said Sean Desai and Bill Shuey hockey tomorrow. The Blackhawks keep things rolling. Season high six game winning streak just two points out of a playoff spot and tomorrow, they'll host the Detroit Red Wings. Chris boden. Pre-game show starts at one thirty John and Troy had the puck drop at two right here on seven twenty WGN and WGN radio dot com and rain has pushed Jordan speeds second-day finish this morning. Read it from last night to this morning at the AT and T Pebble Beach Pro-Am speed. Phil Mickelson and three others are all tied at the top at ten under par. But it seems like Tony Romo might be having the most fun out there. He found himself on the carpet of the hospitality tent on the fifteenth hole. And then then then did this right Cohen.

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