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Health medical group position, visit our W J b h dot org's slash Tellem Ed R W. J, part of his health, Let's be healthy. Together. New Jersey 101.5. This is sad thing but needs it needs to get talked about for a couple more minutes. If you attended a funeral since this pandemic began a New Jersey funeral. How is it different? What was it like? And is it true that inside a funeral home If you were even lucky tow have it. You know late enough in this thing where you're even allowed back into a funeral home? Is it true that they actually have the employees of the funeral home telling people to stay apart? Don't sad, right? Is I mean, Zach Alarm. Don't hug each other at a funeral. 1 800 to 83101.5 years fast traffic trouble on the Garden State Parkway. It's a crash on the sand pants out of Woodbridge, right near aged 1 30. It's the right line. Disclose Parkway North is building up 1 44 and a 1 45 this report response by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the signals are going at a railroad crossing, don't be tempted to try and sneak across the tracks ever Stop trains can't a message brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration traffic on one tonight in London Still slow coming South has Woodlawn Avenue route. 90 got bunching up in hell. 1 95 down Oldrich Road and also in Lakewood and 70 Western Lake would slow the parkway. Up to No Hampshire Avenue Still crash on 35 eat in town on the south outside by industrial way and road work on the lower level. George Washington was leaving New Jersey in the right lane. Tom Rivers Newjersey Traffic North, Jill Myron Newjersey Traffic South Pen Sock and Watch out. There's an accident at 1 30, a south bound Marlton pike in through the airport circle. You're going to see some delays. And I'm not sure which lane this blocked off. But there's a lane blocked off and the turnpike north truck lanes are backed up out of Hamilton at exit 7 to 7 a from the Bordentown area towards 78, and it's the truck planes that are all backed up. So go with the car lanes instead. Any Jersey fast traffic is every 15 minutes. Next report. 3 48 on New Jersey one a 1.5. Futures. He want a 1.5 instant weather. Tomorrow is the eighth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy's landfall on New Jersey and tomorrow we'll be dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Zeta a very different storm in terms of its track and its impacts, But we're still concerned about the potential for heavy rain.

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