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Closer all sin because accused bursting into flames that she does has like a panda take care of the laser beams and a fire extinguisher to take care of the fire and i have no idea why she didn't call the police or something it also that suggests that under six months dash was demonstrating incredible speed and violet was probably disappearing in her crib caribben who knows what kind of awful things occurred there so with with syndrome sucked into a jet engine we cut to later there at the track meets of violet is talking to the boy who likes her and and they're setting a date dashes participating retract me a scene that makes me laugh so much where he keeps looking up at his dad news like no no go faster no no that's too fast a close second finish a close at any other parents are less eggs across of i'm like they're like crazy 'cause you know what why you cannot the you know what's going on and they leave their and he's on like bob shoulders and he's got the he's got the silver trophy and his his like sports team number was number two on his shirt that was that was a nice little piece of that the resolution of like india which let superspy able to do what they wanted make a run as fast as the can best not you know at the end he doesn't just and now he gets to be the fastest boy everywhere in iran's every event no that's not the end of our still is still potential saying that you have to exist coexists with him out he else but you are allowed to not totally blunt that part of yourself and hide from everybody up and do the thing that you love and the last thing in the movie is that a giant drill appears from underneath the city as the most shocking thing of all or we discovered that john ratzenberger can actually do a voice of course john ratzenberger whose voice in every single picks are movie he's they're good luck charm and he hasn't been in this movie up to that point but what happens here sitting at.

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