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I'm on the fuck came to fight and he did follow the bus thrown on the other. That can be taken by eating them. But I think even objectively speaking he it where where the old old him would have broken or different up soccer lava shots stuck with it. And he he tried his patience where I was impatient. And so he did it the job experience. Stuck in? Insight there because I feel like a lot of young fighters have also had that early success, and they feel indestructible and then a veteran make check him. But you know, you go back and learn, but you get a lot of experience. Luckily, guys, this didn't happen in ten seconds or twenty seconds. He actually got to share the octagon for some some you got some cage time, we call it. So. Again. Thank you for opening up like that. I wanna watch the fight again. Now, knowing exactly what you're telling me here, but still. Google in may. And I've been a stream that motherfucker said about ten times wash. Yeah. You'll see player. Broke out or whatever. Viruses, or whatever. All right. Does what do you have for Alexander Hernandez? Alex, those sentiments at George shared at the very beginning of the interview, a lot of people thought the same thing, we were all in all of just the way you handled yourself and all in all before and after but that being said what about like Dana, why the matchmakers did they have any words to share with you along those lines and even Cowboys running himself. That's the point. I didn't get a stick around. You know, New York's pretty critical dancing everything they fund the up, and they made a point before and that they should be doctors on sign non stop and afterwards. You know, I was I was there in these like, they need to pull me aside and pulled me to the back, and I'll see, you know. Mad that wasn't even there in the fucking cage. They announced it like. Jio die that goes missing action or something. And so, you know, they pulled me aside, and and I'll be back and I needed stitches over the from the elbow. But otherwise, I was just kind of like, you know. On the hospital. I feel fine. Obviously, they hit, you know. You're nauseous settles and whatnot. That was like just gonna some argon, and I'll be fine and New York, Texas, so gone a little boss went to the back way some time at the hospital. I did have some factors in my nose. And I my let Bill I'm already just shy of gorgeous. Again, I feel like I'm pretty close to it. So I did heal fast. But I didn't get to talk to anybody in the the back down older I expect, but I didn't get talked to anybody in again. Unexpected talked to me didn't get done, and I'll wasn't one, you know, where my where my like condolences where you know. Look, I didn't expect anything from anybody. I just you know, will stop the fucking cut with myself thing. He gets the next one. I I'm just trying to get back to the next thing..

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