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It would also. So that was your counterpoint. I would I would just say that in those eastern. Is a little bit different. And in the case of Paul, George. My recollection at the time was the the indication that we got they wanted them pay woes was Paul George wanted to go to the Lakers. Correct. And so if you're the Lakers, and you think Paul George wants to come to you in free agency without giving up any of your young assets. And then you probably had a plan to also add another another player say, maybe you're thinking about LeBron James, then guess what? That would. And you have all your young guys ample, George. Well. Paul George goes. Okay. See they made the risk to trade for him. And he loved it there crap rusty loved Russ. He clearly loves it there. Right. So that you're right. That in that sense. It is risk. But I can't blame the Lakers for the essentially like you were going to get something for free. What I what I would say is this if you've tried that same tact. And I understand each individual's situation is different. But you've tried that a similar tack about that two times. You're like, Nope. Not giving them up because we're gonna we can get him in free agency. If you wait to do that. Again, you're going to potentially find yourself outside. They run the risk in the case of a tray. I run the risk on his thirty four coming off the he's on the dealing with the worst injuries ever had. Well, a time perspective, and we've always thought in this. So I sort of get whether it's between, you know, you or Mason, I kind of get put into the Trudell loves all of the Lakers young guy. You do you treat them like children? And it's like they're jetting talents. Brother what? Nobody cares to bring up is that. Oh, wait a second. Maybe Trudeau was right about the ngelo Russell being little better. He number knowing our our people are they not including all star conversations this year. And look I never denied. The Angela Russell's talent what I denied was Dangelo Russell growing up. Now, he seems to have done a little bit of that. But it clearly here is not being counted amongst all star candidates in the east. Yeah. Okay. Now, I don't fly. I mean, it's also weekend and Eric Bledsoe. Just wanted to ask L Siaka. He wouldn't be on my team. Okay. If I had to pick the twelve. I don't think he's I don't think he's there yet. But he's getting better and he's still twenty two player. So he's an all I'll say the same thing about I think the Lakers have drafted the Lakers to play Lonzo Angela together. So when you say like trodellos youngest, I what I what I love..

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