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Cloudy in Boston warming up to seventy five downtown seventy north and west of the city a flash flood watches in effect through late tonight for the city and suburbs have through tomorrow morning along the south coast and Cape. Traffic and weather together coming up, I'm Garowe Gopi. WBZ news. Our top story at this hour, thousands of national guard troops law enforcement and medical teams are working their way into damage communities to search for survivors in the immediate aftermath of hurricane. Michael what authorities don't want her evacuees trying to come back to check on their property people along the Gulf Coast and Florida panhandle are looking over the devastation caused by. Now. Tropical storm, Michael at least two people are confirmed dead. This is Florida governor Rick Scott, just hurricane was an absolute monster and the damage left in its wake is still yet to be fully. Understood CBS's, Omar Villafranca is surveying the damage important port Saint Joe Florida at least days possibly. Weeks before any power is going to be turned on in this area. Getting around port. Saint Joe is an adventure in itself. And what we found is not only big trees in the way roads completely washed out. We were caravanning to try to get into this part of port Saint Joe. There was another section where the road was gone about. Fifteen feet of road was gone dropped off into a bridge. Michael made landfall in Mexico Beach, Florida as a massive hurricane packing. Winds of one hundred fifty five miles per hour just shy of a category five ginger Zee in Mexico Beach, Florida is demolished. I mean that is the best for us. We just so mayor we woke up this morning. Having only heard volunteers point thrills since pass and the sound is on indeed helicopter video shows most homes and businesses all but demolished though, some larger buildings are still standing utilities in the hardest. Hit hurricane states close to a million people are without power. Most of them in Florida, a number of hospitals. There were forced to evacuate patients a situation that FEMA administrator Brock long says the agency will address we will do everything we can to set up triage centers in those areas where hospitals are out of commission. And we will work with our partners at HHS to stay on top of that as as well, as you know, the governor and his staff as well. So we continue to focus on that area. Much of Massachusetts is getting rain for Michael. And it's expected in the Boston area as well leading to what's likely to be a messy afternoon commute. Keep it tuned. WBZ NewsRadio ten thirty for traffic.

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