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Passing and total offense yards so they they have some offensive weapons but the defense is really good for c. You the questions. Going to be can they. Can they finally get some offense going a man. If you're not putting drew carter and you must really be terrified because brennan lewis is just has not got anything going twenty six minutes after the hour before we take a break. Let me tell you about one of our excellent sponsors. That's rev chiropractic. I was in there this morning. Dr tyler terry dr. Haley harada are sensational people. They really care about their patients. He no they take the time to to work with you the talk to you. Hey what's going on with your back. What's going on with your your legs. You know your arms your neck. I have upper back issues and they've really helped me. I'm turning that spine back the right way. Thanks to the folks over rev chiropractic. And i feel so much better better than i felt in in years ten plus years and i'm just glad i discovered these guys great people to do a lot of local stuff in the area. I met them through the greeley chamber of commerce. If you guys are hurting if you have some pain in the back if your next killing you and you just think it's just part of life now just gonna get worse. You don't have to do that. You don't have to live with that because Give them give them a shot. They love helping their really. Are their neighbors. Thrived there off of highway. Thirty four and thirty fifth avenue. There's a home depot parking lot. You'll see you'll see riccar practic. They're very easy to get in. Get assessed and then start getting on the schedule and get back. Get your health back. Twenty seven minutes after the hour. Let's get the latest on the local sports flash prep sports in the unc. Bears or another northern colorado's voice over three point one in thirteen ten kfi k. I this is jesse. Kirk executive producer and lead anchor the mountain west network. And you're listening to the whole show on.

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