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Do it would get it done. Step four is ernest. Do not be afraid to admit you cared deeply. Your intense emotions are your most precious power boy. I know a lot of people who think they're intense. Emotions are a real problem. Yeah but so. Many of us take any emotion we have and our dislike. I shouldn't feel that. I'm wrong to feel that. And the intensity even if it's an ugly emotion like anger or rage or just greed or less. Those feelings are valid feelings and look at it and examine it and say why am i feeling this. Who am i deep inside. What can i do with this feeling. As opposed to the people who swallow end deny themselves the truth of what they actually want to do. I need to do or feel and the repressing of i need this. I need to do this. I shouldn't do. This is as scary as some like actual age sometimes right and as a person who has wrestled with depression a lot of his adult life. Which i think i had to make a guess has some roots in a constant repression for the better part of my. You know my first twenty years. Strong emotion is an energy. you can work with. It's a tool. It's absolutely a tool yeah. It provides energy whereas lack of emotion. Dead nece my experience has been has been a harder thing to work with and transform not that it can't be done not that there's not something there but it's a much lower frequency vibration and so it's almost like you have to amplify the signal then transform it whereas if you've got plenty of signal it's just about transforming that numbness is a very frightening place to be because when you're just like is this. Is this it anime trapped here and it's just a quick sandy feeling where at least if you have something intense and powerful that is this is telling me something. I am responding to stimuli. Somehow i'm still here. I'm still my body's paying attention somehow even if my mind doesn't know what to do with what my body's telling it and i've got like something like intense. Were fighting really care about something powerfully. I shouldn't be afraid to let that out. In express it otherwise the status quo continues on and all we do is just sort of suffer along with it and that numbness intensifies right right now. I think it gets back to that idea of buried inside every fear is a hope or buried inside every strong negative. Emotion is a desire for something. If you're feeling alone you need something. If you're feeling angry you need to solve a problem..

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