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CBS sports for Caroline burns on the celebrations going to have to wait at least one more day for the Oakland as they got beat by the Minnesota Twins five to one this afternoon at Coliseum preventing them from clinching and AL wild card berth at home Jake cave belt at a two run Homer for the twins as Trevor K hill allowed five runs three of them earned five hits in three hundred third innings manager. Bob Melvin was hoping they could clinch a playoff berth in front of their hometown fans. It's a little disappointing. Everybody. Here wanted to take care of this today at home, you know, it was a big crowd. And we just get another base runner there in in the eighth or ninth. They're gonna be into a pretty big time. And you know, a lot of times we put on our best show late in games. Unfortunately didn't happen today from NBC sports, California. Houston beat the Los Angeles angels soul. The as our four and a half games behind the Astros for the AL west title six. Games to go. Yankees lost Baltimore. So the as remain a game and a half behind New York for the top wild card berth after going fifty and thirty one for its best home record since two thousand thirteen as finished with three game series at Seattle and the Los Angeles angels as are hoping they haven't played their last game at the Coliseum this year. Saint Louis cardinals beat the San Francisco Giants nine two two to complete a three-game sweep Saint Louis has one six of seven they remained two games behind Milwaukee for the top NFL wildcard to golf. Tiger Woods wins the tour championship by two strokes. All of a sudden, I started hitting me.

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