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The civil rights museum records the oppression cruelty and injustice inflicted on the african american community the fight to end slavery to break down jim crow to end segregation to gain the right to vote and to achieve this sacred birthright of equality here big stuff fedspeak stuff who is a very big phrases very big words we'll good morning and while the am joy donald trump may have been going for irony saturday when he spoke at the opening of a civil rights museum and jackson mississippi it was a speech undermine not just by his entire record on african americans and other minority communities but also by the fact that just hours before in front of a crowd of fervent supporters he played all the race baiting press bashing hits of the past few years and then threw in a new one a full throat endorsement of a certain alabama senate kennedy who just months ago said this two great we had the all akg now even before all the allegations of sexual misconduct emerged ruined moore was on the record about longing for the antebellum days of slavery questioning barack obama's birth certificate and feeling a kinship with russian leader vladimir putin and now with polls showing a tight race ahead of the vote on tuesday morris campaign is warning of wait for it voter fraud and claiming that soros's armies in the state registering voters of all the sounds familiar it's because donald trump ran on many of these same positions and now that it's his republican party it's becoming roy moore's party as well and driven out evans siegfried republican strategist and jason johnson msnbc contributor in politics editor for the root dot com as well as corinne jon pierre senior adviser for move onto org in deir johnson president and ceo of the and double a c p and deer are gonna come to you first mr endless he'd be present when it comes to you first more and more has a history that i think a lot of americans who are not familiar with him beyond his ten commandments fight.

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