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And Manny Diaz and bunch of the players down there to get a feel for what's going on there. Dan, Enos is under a lot of pressure already right out of the gate because quarterback has been the quintessential issue at Miami. The way that it has been at Florida in when you look at the players that are on the roster right now Tate Martell. He's got his eligibility. Got his waiver transferring from Ohio State Nicosea Perry is still there. Dan, Enos really hasn't been thrilled with what he's seen out of his quarterbacks yet this spring. I think they're still trying to figure out and get a grasp for the type of offense. They're going to be running completely different from what they did under Mark richt. When he was there running the plays a lot more tempo. Lot more spread. And those are the types of things that Miami should be doing considering the playmakers that they have on that team. So there is optimism with Manny Diaz now taking over. But we don't know what that quarterback situation is going to look like, and I don't necessarily. Know that we'll have a whole lot of answers after their spring game. It's next Saturday. It's Hyun Orlando. They wanna cut and get a walk-through going in the stadium where they're going to be opening the season up against Florida. And we'll see what happens to me the question for Miami. Just the way it is at Florida state and Florida stability at quarterback, and whether that's going to be enough to get this team to compete for championships. Neuter. Thank you as always a fun to have you on totally. We are talking about the college football season. All ready a great to have Andrea with this. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Jalen hurts. Why why is this interesting? Another other string talking about Jalen, hurts course, he is in Oklahoma now, and we welcome in Jake Trotter who's written about Jalen hurts unprecedented. Spring in Norman just never gets old talking about this young. Then Jake, thank you very much for joining us. We knew this would be a big deal. But it seems like it's even a bigger deal than we originally thought. Good afternoon. Hey, Paul how you doing? Yeah. It's so different than the Baker Mayfield. Are Kyla Marie transfers in that when Baker got here, he was still an unknown. He was the big twelve freshman of the year. But he was at Texas Tech. He lost the starting job. Nobody thought he was going to come to Oklahoma and beat out Trevor Knight and win. Tyler Marie arrived as ballyhoo to recruit as he was coming out of Allen, Texas. You know, he sat behind Mayfield for two years the difference between those two guys one is bins. And Jalen hurts is that Jalen is the center of attention already. He's been here. A few weeks and already he's the guy that some of the younger players already looking to which is why use the word unprecedented at Oklahoma powerhouses like Oklahoma, Alabama. Clemson you don't have a new guy show up and be the face of the team..

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