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Yeah friends and neighbors at once against it. Before you in my resplendent Chad prager show studio to crow about the cacophony of confusing events. That cloud up the otherwise clear blue skies hovering above the media landscape. And let me tell you. It's becoming harder and harder for me to convince myself that I have not indeed going completely crazy now if you stayed abreast of the news lately and I can't blame you if you haven't you may have heard a funny little thing that our good friend. Rashida to leave recently said at an abortion rally. Now I who's me to suggest that the idea of an abortion rally itself is both odious and saddening but if you were ever asked me at any given our on any given day where might I find Rashida to leap well an abortion. Rally would be on my list of top three guesses. She's said and I swear I am not making this up that if you're pro-life you should stop trying to have sex with her now. I know I can just shut the camera right now. This thing would still be a successful video because you're already laughing but let's penetrate this a little further showing here. We go now. Some faces are perceptive. Some are receptive the face of her she had to leave my friend is contraceptive. I mean are you kidding me lady. She looks like pepe. The frog made sweet. Sweet love to a muppet. Stop trying to have sex with me. She said look. You're Palestine dudes in the Middle East. Aren't trying to sleep with you. And they have an affinity for goats. What are you going to do? Go join a list. Milano on the sex strike. Because I got bad news for you. We didn't miss her and she sorta hot now France. We're talking about the least hit a member of the squad drawing a line in the sand and telling the world. You aren't getting any of this unless you think about things the way I think about him and especially when it comes to abortion ain't nobody rushing to jump into that red line so listen up you low for the lipstick. The discerning American public despite all the efforts made on the part of you to pin us into a set of beliefs which are diametrically opposed to the Siren Song of our biological imperatives. Have some damn taste. Hell I bet you even have to pay your doctor extra to get up in there. I mean talk about an Obgyn. Nope I don't mean to be me. Well actually I sorta do because the truth is for. Shida you pretty hard to look at on the outside. But a lot of that is that you're pretty ugly on the inside to between being viciously anti-semitic and swaying your head back and forth like a snake while screaming out the battlecry to sally forth and rid ourselves of as many of our children as possible. You've got a condition that they don't make enough makeup in the world to cover up now sometimes. The irony is so thick. You can't cut it and all I can say is I'd rather eat fish from a Wu. Han Market while the vendor sneezes directly into my open mouth and spend an evening trying to woo Rashid it to leap hell. She's the only Muslim woman out there that I wish would put a burden on. But I'll give you this much. I think he's onto something. If you happen to believe in the sanctity of life maybe a second look at the person you're about to dance. The Horizontal Mamba with is such a bad idea. And as for your sheet to leave. I don't even know what to say. I damn near lost my lunch just thinking about it already so maybe I'll go think about something else for awhile. All I can say is I've driven past plenty of pastures in my day and I've never once thought about screw in the cows and if that seems to you. I'm sorry I just have a problem with people who cackle about murdering innocent children. I'm kind of a Weirdo like that. Anyway I want you all to take care of yourselves. Don't be like repeated to leave in pretty much anyway possible. I love Y'all God. Bless and I'm so glad you've tuned into the Chad breaker show. It's Monday and that means headlines. Hang on hey.

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