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I don't know how many of these you get actually, but hey, Mike. You know, I usually read the beginning. Because if it's from someone I've never met, and it's meant to sound like we're friends, then I'm going to be like really right away. Hey, Mike wondered if you'd be interested in this interview. Right. Usually, it's from New York. I get a lot of which we're hoping we're hoping you'll accept our invitation to this event, and it'll just be some place whose exact location, I have no idea about in New York City. Okay. Somehow like, I'm on a list where I get New York City like fashion invites. So they send you would you like to talk to this person? Sure isolate I got another one for Billy Johnson, white shoes. Johnson the Paul Ryan's like sports ones. Okay. I don't even look at these sorts of emails anymore because they're almost always about like stuff. That would never be subject matter on our show, the authors, and it's politics, and I just I don't even open them. So ever sports in there. I'm going to miss out. But like. It never is. We had the interview last year with Billy white shoes. Johnson representing pork rinds. That was in. Another time like they promised. Mike ditka. I'm like, okay. And then they pulled Mike Ditka. And this time this Email does not even the one. I'm thinking about this. This Email was about Mike Ditka. And then mentioned if you want you can talk to white shoes Johnson. I just didn't talk to you about this. I thought we did that maybe. Mike ditka. And pork rinds had a falling out. No. He's still.

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