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Lot. One hundred campus big. Yes it would. It would make the best breakfast as close as you can get to candied. Meet pretty much is candy as ham. Well no honey cam is candied. Me is sam okay. Would you eat spam. I've eaten span. Orios i am of you orios. I wouldn't that sandwich doubted and was later proven to be an actual item. I would eat that. Well i would. I would try. I'd take a by. Yeah okay well. All this talk of diet leads us to a study which reveals From the georgia institute of they have predicted that the outcome of a seventy seven percent of people who are dieting if they can tell based on their social media posting so they can determine by looking at their postings whether or not they'll come fall through on their diet. Is that what you're saying. Yes yes twitter users who tweet in a positive or optimistic light are generally more future and people oriented then. They're less positive peers and tend to have a greater sense of achievement in their social interactions. So more positive people will see through on their promise to exercise. Say yes so. They looked at as positive. Tweets versus negative tweets and the study went into users. They looked at seven hundred. People who use my fitness pal on their apps with over two million tweets and one hundred thousand. My fitness pal. Food diary entries. They looked at the tone and the linguistic attributes of tweets and they found that There were people who were more. Had more positive tweets were also more likely to stick to their diets etc saying it can predict seventy seven percent accuracy so it was decided that they devised a success. Full of successfully predict the outcome of one's diet at a seventy seven percent of the time. Yeah.

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