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Living in paterson new jersey chalmers also directed a recent documentary about the punt group it in the stooges that's named after their son give me danger the documentary had a theatrical release and is now available for streaming on amazon you feel on a deep up for a long time you can to new york and what the seventies or late sixties to study you know i came in the midst seventies mitts seventies okay so what did punk rock mean to you when it was starting it man took time to for real liberation of expression it embraced amateur risen and in a way that i still inspired by it was not that buyout trying to did you know stadium gig sort even commercial radio play already from record deals for that matter it was about saying something cushing mentor to an expression something that you felt and that was primary for that whatever of the scene whatever whatever punk crop means it was very very important remain very formative i still consider myself to be an amateur from maker and i say that because in the in the latin origin of the word amateur is is is the word and it's love of a form whereas professional implies something you do for a minute or for for worked and no i'm not putting down anyone that does look at their work him that way but for me i'm are hardcore amateur and really that can not came to me through the music seen not true you know i kind of grew up in my early twenties synopsis kansas city and cb to be on and the span some out whole approach and all the artists inspired knew the filmmaker and so was he's huge inspiration for me and by making gorilla style punk films on the streets of new york and well just out of painters an artists and so maker so all within that seen maddon's very very important to me so the that amateurs that it give you permission to him make the movies before you felt accomplished enough to actually make from yes kurt completely my first film i'm a permanent vacation we shut in nineteen seventy nine in for a lot of twelve thousand dollars.

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