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We yes really wanna head to the sapped to take a bath of our own to be the light of the seven by sharing sevenover fevered insights and observations from this episode lightning round style yougofirst number one one uh interesting question is done an oath breaker yes he died which technically a releases you from your vowel i guess that's the letter of the valle not the spirit is he on solid legal ground here ed says i was with you at heart home we saw without their we know what's coming here how can you leave us now and john he's this depressed his brother's turn on him and it's been a tough time hoover little different when you come back from the dead lil as you try and he's even saturday dr and see what kind of bridge linking the media and now just from benjamin haddad tried dyin john says i did everything i could net says i swore of out i pledge my life's the nights what i gave my life boom boom boom loophole yeah they killed me ed mount brothers you want me to stay here after that yes point yeah but i believe the wellings the white workers and everything what are you do john get points on both sides angry caputo summer tale a stick which offer minute and talk about how truly incredible the first moments victory john and sanza are the look this sound because that conversation that you were just referencing between at in john opens the episode and then interrupted by up over the guy who could suitably is oh my god.

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