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The Washington in the aftermath of the January 6th attack on the Capitol, it cost of nearly $500 million. Fox's Jared Halpern. Tropical Storm Anna is expected to dissipate by tomorrow. The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season brought rain and wind to Bermuda. I'm camped yourself. And this is Fox News. Today. Mostly cloudy and humid with a couple showers in a thunderstorm high of 74 Tonight Mostly cloudy and humid with a couple showers in a thunderstorm, the heaviest of which Tonight. Mostly cloudy in human with a couple showers and thunderstorms which will get heavier as the day goes on. Watch for flash flooding low of 66 tomorrow Mostly cloudy and human with a couple of showers and thunderstorm high of 76. I'm Sam McCarthy connect with us. At news radio. K l b j dot com You always knew Get ready for Memorial Day and jump into summer with savings and lows. Make your outdoor spaces shine with the green Works 2000 PS I electric pressure washer clean everything from patio furniture to side into the driveway. Plus the 11 inch rotating surface cleaner helps you clean, more flat surfaces in less time. It's now it lows for only 1 69 shop in store online or through a hat today, Lowe's home to the best part of summer offer valid through +62, while supplies last US only. Welcome to gardening, naturally with Geoff Ferris call or text, Jeff. Now with your gardening and landscape questions, 51283605 90. Hey, welcome back. Everybody this lovely Sunday morning. Little damp out cooler, nice breeze. Lots of moisture in the soil or plant should be looking good and green. No. Been getting several text messages and questions about patches.

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