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In doing tried not just with a your commuting the other possible worlds will for brexit supporters they were getting the champagne on ice three I's I'm really excited by the hot tonight even if I I feel safe in a party because I call it my country to be free and independent thing right a senior U. S. commander is warning tonight of a potential risk to US troops marine general Frank mackenzie says there's been an uptick in Iranian activity the US commander for the Middle East as he seeing a worrisome trend of Iranian interference during an unannounced visit to Afghanistan is as teh Ron is now trying to go after U. S. and allied forces through proxy malicious Wooster Polytech math professor is helping the U. S. army to create a thumb sized chemical sensor that can be worn on the battlefield soldiers could be able to detect dangerous chemicals more quickly professor Randy Pathan Roth explains so we are creating a a combination of classic and new manner allows a chemical sensing system toward a soldier or other first responder Louis and accurately into something dangerous if assigned interesting environment what's really interesting some of the students the PhD students of Wooster Polytech helped in this research my entire interview with the professor coming up at seven oh three in the news with don Huff it was land mines that was the big topic at the Pentagon today as we found out from CVS is Cammy McCormick defense secretary mark asper said land mines are an important tool for US forces at the end the day we want to make sure that we have all the tools are tool kit that are legally available and effective to ensure our success and to ensure the protection of our soldiers sailors airmen marines critics argue land mines are dangerous to civilians along after conflicts come to an end Kathy McCormick CBS news the Pentagon the White House is widely expected to relax Obama era restrictions on the military's use of land mines coming up next traffic and weather together New England business news another special report from Washington on the Senate impeachment trial things are gonna go very swiftly from now on there will be no witnesses Ben Parker with the update coming up in minutes looking around your business I see tablets laptops the printer smartphones they're all connected.

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