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Then Marcia out there says if cold is so dangerous where are the hands Matt bins to dispose of gloves and masks well they don't need one of those Marcia they got the they got the parking lot at Publix that's why I find them have you noticed that folks mask and gloves all over the parking lot people get through them they give the cards for again the Carly for the mask down further people are just crazy and then somebody's got to come and pick those up now I doubt there's going to be anything's gonna kill you on a special they're sitting on the hot asphalt with the UV rays on but still why why do people do this because there's a lot of that going around apparently quick time out we got news traffic and weather and then we got more of your phone calls coming up six one five seven three seven nine nine eight six six one five seven three seven W. W. T. N. we'll be back right after this read super talk ninety nine seven from the W. T. N. news center on Pamela for with your top stories federal investigators say they were able to crack open the bones of the gunman accused of attacking a Naval Air Station Pensacola Florida back in December FBI director Christopher Wray says Muhammad al sham Ronnie's phone data suggested he was radicalized by al Qaeda in the Arabian peninsula back in twenty fifteen we have more to learn but we know enough now to see our show Ronnie for what he was a determined AQAP terrorists who spent years preparing to attack us the justice department says their investigation is taken much longer because apple refused to help unlock the phones secretary of state Mike Pompeii told The Washington Post that he recommended the firing of state department inspector general Steve linac because the independent watchdog was undermining the department wasn't performing in a way that the top U. S. diplomat wanted him to here's president trump on the matter I was happy to do it Mike K. requested that I do it he should have done it a long time ago in my opinion he's an Obama appointment and he had some difficulty but I just don't know who is I really I don't know and never heard his name that is the latest news is brought you by Johnny flaming gourmet foods traffic and weather next no but genesis diamonds W. T. N. traffic center to buy get old hickory Boulevard still watch an accent nail in the Madison area Gallatin pike south bound out old hickory another accent around that area just some minor delays of forty west coming back into town it's got a little bit of company F. forty S. is cleared out though sixty five north and southbound sailing big time backups and should be a pretty cruise control conditions for it on twenty four east going southbound towards the bar I'm Jack Womack traffic every ten minutes every morning on super talk ninety nine seven two BTC if you're self employed an owner of a small business do you need help with your bookkeeping payroll or both you need to give us.

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