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News ninety six point five WDBO. Orlando turns first for severe weather. I'm channel nine eyewitness news meteorologist Eboni Dion. Tracking another pleasant night in central Florida with lows in the sixties and seventies McKean Dixon checking the interactive radar. We've got seventy seven degrees right now. Expect that's a dip as the night goes on. We've got clear skies across central. Florida's was going to be good night. ABC? US senators will get a breed at the judge cabinet FBI report beginning Thursday morning with Republicans getting the first look we're told Republicans can start reading the FBI interviews on judge cavenaugh from eight till nine Thursday morning. Then the Democrats turned from nine to ten and the hourly rotation will continue throughout the day. The report can only be read in a secure room in the US capitol. There's no indication of the Senate will make any of the evidence gathered public, that's ABC's. Andy field's reporting accused. Double murderer Markeith Loyd had a trial date of may six in Orlando. Despite arguments from his defense team for more time to dispose. The police officers involved in his arrest. It's a little bit of much ado about nothing. Let me I'm going to set that date, and then we'll deal with this. We go judge. Fred Lawton does questioned the relevance of the arrests since it's unrelated to the murder of Sade Dixon's months before before outside her home. She was pregnant at the time. So Loyd is facing two murder charges. At a later date. Loyd will also be tried for the killing of Orlando police Lieutenant Debra Clayton outside of WalMart. The White House says President Trump is coming to Orlando next week. President Trump will travel to Orlando Florida to address the international association of chiefs of police as the largest gathering of police leaders, the president will speak about the work of the administration to protect American communities by restoring law and order supporting local law enforcement and securing the border press secretary Sarah Sanders detailed his trip during the.

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