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Okay you'll come with eighty thousand will split will get forty thousand each you now and i'll give you the cyanide he's known about. I'll take care of the rest. I got the tape. And everything will use the barrel. He pointed to a barrel by the visible body service station that was used world. The victims were found. Was one of them. Big garbage five gallon size or something. Yes yeah so this. This is your second chance to kill. Paul smith right. You had another off where you could have taken him out. Wasn't that part of your initial discussion with them is like i could've killed you the first time. I told him every day the toll every time. I talked to him when he calls us. Listen you still fucking libraries. I still got the contract void. I tell them that all the time in case you forgot who paul smith is. He's a cop. A contract put on the mob and all.

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