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I think they would be trying to protect him. Either right so the federal grand jury indicted brian but not for anything related to the discovery of her body. They indicted him for intent to defraud in relation to over a thousand dollars. He spent between the thirtieth and september. First making the search for brian. Officially a quote manhunt. Now i think the i think that is tied to maybe gaby's credit card that he obviously used on the way home. Yeah that's what that's what turned into that right. Eventually they identify gabby body as gabby and the cause of death is not really determined. But it's just put us homicide which i also thought was kind of weird too but i mean i think they look at everything surrounding the case for that determination. Don't they. yeah. I mean i. It's all i think is all down to the condition of the body. The situation the body was found in witness accounts and behavior of you know. People have interest like brian. So i mean with with everything going on. I don't think we know much about the condition that gabby was found in right. Not at all. Yeah and i'm sure more information will come out about that eventually. But you know i. I would assume that they have some information that leads them to that conclusion. Yeah that's what i that. That's what i. Because he. I think in the notes that said that it might be hard to determine the cause and time of death because of animals and and other problems that you know. We're on the body. So i don't know them marking it as homicide tells me that they probably know exactly how she died. They're not releasing it but anyway also and he also like there. There's been a lot of Talk on social media about the fact that he packed for a trip that was and i know they were doing this This trip but basically his pack was. And i'm trying to look. I was just now trying to look up. How long.

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