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I am so excited. I mean I'm just going to roll into it because you guys already know you saw. Who is our guest today on the show description and This is a favourite of our previous iteration of Simpson's podcast called. Everything's coming up Simpson's here the maximum fund narrative. It heard of it. I hope maybe New People are jumping in out with okay only old fans and I mean old fans. You're okay you mean like what the like. Fake five the Cool Air. I like that. Yeah well high. Aarp people meaning my mom. Hi Mom if you're listening I hope you are. I want you and you alone to please. Welcome our guest today He is a former show runner of the simpsons heard of it and has a resume that is so sparkly and wonderful and Nice. And I'm sure you're already familiar with so many of the other things that he's worked on. Please everyone welcome Bill Oakley. I'm waiting for the applause for purely hung up when I started my very sweaty and I know I just want to say thank you. Everybody appreciate obviously. You're applaud your car or your Jen. Whatever you're doing so thank you. It's my pleasure to be here. We're super excited to. How do you on this version of the show because we really really want to be able to talk to Simpson's people about their time before the simpsons and after and kind of just get a fuller picture of who made the best show of all time and it's a it's a very free form show but we had a couple of things that we definitely WanNa talk about one? We want to start with is a little unpleasant? What the fuck was thrilling thinking? Yeah let's just dive. In to the controversy of the moment. Should we back up and explain the situation mill? You give us a I a a taste of what you do. I would be shocked if people don't know about your instagram. Because it's taking over a a new generation of fast food lovers but that tell us a little bit about Your your fast food. Love and and lead us into what happened with realist. Okay I will. This is one of the things I assumed we were going to get to. So I'm going to just jump into it right front air. Yes this is like this is not my occupation. Occupation is my hobby because it doesn't pay a cent. Although I have tons of delicious Japanese pringles you paid in like chips and McDonald seems to have a massive crush on you. I feel like every six months. You Post like some love letter that is like you know written in quill. You know they love everything that you're doing so you do get paid in that unlike for instance Taco Bell which stood studiously ignores me. Mcdonald's it's not taken that route him and I ha I have to say I appreciate it but I still like. I thought I was caught off the list after I didn't like their new chicken sandwich. But but no this new one showed up this anyway so just for those unfamiliar I have always had a great deal of interest in fast food and snack food tear life and I used to just kind of tweet about it And then when McDonald's decided to introduce their new fresh beef quarter pounder which was a year and a half ago. I went out. I was GONNA tweet about it and I was like nobody wants to read eleven tweets about this. Why don't I just don't buy softening it and and see what happens and I did it and I put the video on Instagram. And it got a lot of attention. I mean a lot of attention for someone sixty eight followers at that point and then I just kept doing it and it kept kind of building. It's became its own thing so now I'm actually taken seriously. By some fast food grips not and also not just fast food. Because I do. It's all the kind of food that I like. Which is fast food? It's snack food. It's potato chips. Cheese PUFFS SODAS. It's beer sometimes liquor And it's also Stuff overseas a lot of people. Sending a lot of it is crowd source material. People send me stuff whether when vacation in Japan or Serbia or didn't Asia and reviews of like the new McDonald's things that are coming out there. Those are on the instagram story. So I have I have kind of over the past year and a half almost two years now fashioned myself into an instagram quote unquote influence in the area of food. And it's taken seriously too because people especially like you know. Yahoo News writes about the new whether a Burger King stock is doing. We'll quote my review burgers and stuff like that so I have warmed my way into the official food journalism things. Although I still don't make any money from can I interject just for a second before? We get into the controversy as a viewer in a fan of your videos. I would say that you know part of the reason why. I think that they've like gone to the surface of I would call fast food twitter in fast food. Instagram is because of the care that you give to these videos. I think we talked about this. Maybe the live. Show that you edit them in your phone maybe using movie but you use like royalty free rock in a way that I feel is really inspirational. It's it's not royalty Free Not Oh folks I have had to. I've consulted with two lawyers about this and that's part of the is that I it's kind of in a gray area and don't make any money or selling ads. They say it's probably okay for me and a half years realty free music which I think will be put a kind of a royalty for. You're not there rocking jams You've got like these like swipes that you use and transition. They're just like produced in a way that I think is elevated beyond. What your normal like raw twitter video is and you could tell that there is real passion there too when you review these items and. I also think that you know you being of like the background that you're coming from in like venturing into this part of fast food twitter and instagram just feels more genuine than like some twenty year old. Being like this is another way for me to get famous like you could tell when you bite into that you know Doritos Locos Taco that you really care about what you're eating and you're review and also I want to say that I am very happy and proud to have you on the front of defending the Double Decker Taco as being the greatest invention by Taco bell and like what a blight for them to take it away so I just wanted to say thank you for your service. Thank thank you for for remarking upon my service and my suspicion is that they're going to bring it back and this is just some sort of temporary thing where they wanted to stir up at opportunity to bring it back with a lot of fanfare. You know. That's that's classy out. But in any case yes you're right and I like I didn't invent this format by a wide margin. There's a guy named drops on youtube who who is generally credited with inventing the in-car fast food review in his refusal great. We've corresponded a little bit. Mine I KEEP. I try to keep it all of my activities confined to Instagram so as not to compete with Youtube guys who are also like they got a million followers laying damn drops and review of the week. That's not even. I'm not even in that ballpark. Also the INSTAGRAM video. Instagram video is limited. Fifty nine seconds. Which I think is a blessing because I don't I would never WANNA do a fifteen minute review of any burger in my car. Fifteen seconds is perfectly adequate and I think that's part of one of the things that people like about the reviews that their blessedly short just for people who probably I like. That name sounds familiar. Damn drops The Oh my goodness. Oh my damn song on Sanga Five. That's him honestly one of the best songs of all time. I'm not sure if if everyone is familiar with this. I'm not oh my goodness Oma Damn I do my goodness. It's so song by that Julia. I cannot wait to watch this but basically it later when I do people probably have Are familiar with the Song of people who just will take a viral youtube video and then change it so it sounds like a song. Rats how Kimmy Schmidt has their opening. It's based on that. It's an incredible song. I really would love for them to turn one of bills INSTAGRAM's stories into a into a big hits here I. It just been set if they don't you know I know it's different. It's poppy all to like an acoustic folk version. But we need some type of music to really. I think honor. What what you're doing to have the your lawyer statements go from. Probably okay to absolutely okay. Which is the Simpsons Pod? Promise well maybe this you know what that sets up. A nice new transitioned the intellectual property aspect of this of this genre sets up. And he transitioned to your original question. Which is this through listening. So but I didn't invent fast food review by any stretch of the imagination and I didn't buy do I kind of sort of maybe invented the fast food award show. Okay you got out one hundred percent like there's obviously there's been fast food awards probably for fifty years like in restaurant. Business magazine I was there was in high times magazine used to do one which is very apt printed award. You know it's like you're five nominees. Whatever like the the thing that I did was in word show was somewhat of a parody of a of a standard award show like the Oscar them easing. I'm wearing Tuxedo. And the whole thing blown way out of proportion because you know the fast food is a little red thing and and the comedy comes from the position of me in a Tuxedo a warning Taco via so and I started like that was two years ago or nearly two years ago and it's called the St Mary's which is based on my my burden and my and my my curse and my blessing of being known mainly as the steam guy named to people yell steam. Tam's that you on the strike when you're going to the airport steamed you mentioned it quite a bit too much except for my political tweets on Washington Post. So that's that's another thing that's dope this into this because many people probably already know this. I do this award show called this team. He's there are ten awards their instagram videos or seconds apiece for best best type of Vitamin Best Taco best potato chip flavor. And I always get a celebrity. I saw a somewhat of a celebrity to present them and and whether it just be someone who's a friend of mine instill well-known like Chris onstad creator aac would or someone like Barunholtz who presented our award this year. Kind of a movie star. Were also because it's an ECLECTIC bunch like Peter Sago from wait. Wait don't tell me. And I got tingey Lopez. Who is the one over respected chefs and food writers? I also got Jessica Cisneros. Who's running bureau? Who People say the next. Afc WHO's running for Congress in Texas so anyway that the people who probably that don't need to hear it again anyway. I would say that I. Maybe I did the fast food award show at least as a as it being a parody of Hollywood award show okay so then you ask about through this year about three weeks ago. Thrill List Dot Com. Which as you know is I don't want to criticize them too much as to I'd rather not I'd rather not scratch..

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