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I've got my final hour ready to rock and roll. We are Template attempting to Established contact with Jim Duquette. Former major league baseball, Gentlemen. You provoke the Mets and the Orioles on now we got coast for Sirius XM and does met TV work. On their table out. Let s and why. It's a pretty big moves around Major League baseball, so I didn't want to catch up with Duke. I try and get him up every couple of months. I think he's one of the best faithful. I was out there. These days, so will reach out to Jimmy D and see if we can get money Telephone line Game Two of the triple header of the NFL wild card playoff Sunday is underway. Saints driving first possession, They drove it and Flattened out and ended up having to punt. The Bears didn't get anywhere. The Saints are now into the end zone for the first score of the afternoon, and this one Michael Thomas, back off the injured list with his bum ankle catches about a nine yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees. I would say to put the Saints up sex, and nothing will keep an eye on that game for you, but You want to spend a couple of men stocking all things baseball with my next guest. The aforementioned Jim Duquette joins me here on CBS portrayed Yo, Jimmy D Johnny Mack here. How was your New year? Bring back everything That was good, Thank you. Hopefully staying with you. You could stay in healthy, healthy as I can be in this covert world in which we live, which means staying home and not leaving outs and living like a hermit, but breathing and upright. So that's the most important thing doing that pretty well. These days. Um You're staying busy with the activity of the Mets. The big trade that they made this week. Um, sure did Janette's and why talking about it? You talked about it playing on your serious XM show. I did a bunch of shows in New York around the holidays couple before Christmas. A couple after Christmas, and I got too many met fans saying Well, when is the new owner with the deepest pockets in the world going to start spending money? And I said, Who have you lost? Who is he? Not? So I was because of me. You've gone elsewhere and signed that you desperately had to have is a Medford that Well, he's got all his money. Why isn't he spending it well dipped to get Frankie Lynn Door and Carlos Caracas Co. Uh, didn't know that was the route They were gonna go. I do. It's gonna be like most my fans free agency. Were you surprised when you got the word that will endure was now met. Yeah, I think that's the thing that's it stands out about that trade. Not that they traded for him, but he had a kind of given us the blueprint earlier in the winter that he was I didn't have the upper level prospects to match up. You know, it's gonna be difficult to make that type of trade. Um and so you know that got everybody kind of looking at the free agent market and okay, they can. And Trevor may and Okay, there's all this conversation about George bringer. And and then you know the Sandy and Jared Porter. They do an end around and a little fake. And all of a sudden, Yeah. They're deep in the discussions with Linda, and it comes out they get Carrasco too. So like that was a big surprise from that side of it. Um, you know, when you look at the what they gave up, Jesus. I thought it was a really, really good deal for them. They have depth in their model leagues with kid Mauricio, other plays shortstop, you know, down the road or to flip over a second base at some point. Hopefully, the Mets are gonna sign them door long term. So I think it kind of checked all those boxes. I thought a lot better than the last big deal. Uh, you know, Cano on dead Wendy is. In fact, I thought this trade Jody, you go back a little bit in time, But when I was in the front office when we traded for PS, I felt it had Ah lot of similarities in that in that regard. That would be a pretty good deal. If that's the way it worked out for the Mets. You mentioned that you believe that they can or will get him signed. Do you think that signing will get done before the year starts as the season plays out? You think you're gonna have to wait till the end of the year? And then he's gonna actually taste free agency. But Theo Nurcan, right? A very big check, And I don't expect this experience in New York to be a bad one. If they're going to get him inked for long term when you take its most likely to happen. Well, I think I'd be very surprised if they didn't reach out to him soon. Now I don't know how quickly this would go. But it's pretty pretty clear where you have to be to sign this guy in my mind. Machado was, you know, 12 years, 300 think it was attended 300 same age, But he was a free agent, you know s so you might be able to get him for a little under there. Some people would argue above that. You know, that was two years ago. But I think that's the range right. And so you kind of the important thing here is you have a target where where it should be, And you know he's going to try to ask for more. And I think in this circumstances environment, um you know, it's going to be hard to be asking for Mookie Betts money he can, but I don't think that's it. I think there's a lot of As you know, when we talked about good lot of good free agent shortstop next year, Right Trevor Story and Corey Seager and Carlos Correa Hobby Baez like that those air topsy along with indoor so so there'd be a lot of musical chairs going on a lot of uncertainty around that. You might think this is almost perfect fit for him. And so I would be surprised if they weren't able to do a deal. Let's say by opening day, give me the core asco aspect of this deal when he's healthy, and that's a big if, because he's had a lot of injuries over the course of his career, including last year s. So you can't say that in a vacuum, assuming his health because he just has been a often did player, but for the purposes of this conversation If he gets his 20 high 20 starts 26 27 starts for the Mets over the course of the year. I don't think his contract is outrageous for his talent level. Um, what they do have two more years Commitment. How big A pill was that for the Mets to swallow hard today? Not even looking as a pill they had to swallow. No, I think they looked at it as a really good addition. I think Listen, Carrasco had to 90 year a that this past year was comeback Player of the year coming off of the key MIA there that he had the year before in 2019, so You know when you look at him, you know, the stuff is still there didn't look like there's much of a drop off. Uh so I view it as a positive, You know? No, Jim Bone, and I did our show today and you know, he thought he was the number two starter Hedda Stroman. I think Mixed in Stroman, depending out how well they're pitching. Could you know Russell? That number two starter spot, you know, But so I think that's the range that they are now you know, And then and then that kind of bide your time until Syndergaard comes back. A Syndergaard's capable. You know, we always capable of you've never puts together. He's your true number two, but I think that's where he you know, Carrasco kind of fits for me..

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