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Portion go federal. Joe joe editor good to hear. Thank you very much. Indeed you are kinda. Give me the most important moment of history of my country. You are like my guardian angel. Another thing i wanted to mention to you is that when last we spoke you asked if i could find a ukrainian american prosecutor no justice department that come over and help your new prosecutor general nine. No you know we found identified. Such a person he'll be there by by mid july and and i hope that portends that you're going to be able to continue to do what you've been doing cleaning up that office and and continue to reform where the You know the new prosecutor general. So far is team is it is it. We're we're impressed. A looking forward to continuing to to work You know intensive dialogue here with you guys so It sounds like things are on track are they. I look in this very difficult condition. I can say that. I fully satisfied with his first steps. Here return the thrust to the general prosecutor's office as far as i understand. He will demonstrate the first appointment of the deputy prosecutors several and nobody would be from inside the general prosecutor's everybody would be very famous activists k. There's there's him picking out a prosecutor right. And so this is what they wanna do is Control the government and so petro porsche. Anco is basically saying to joe biden. Get the right guy and we'll set up the prosecutor's office the way you want. and so. that's what they did now Of course all of this. That's coming to poro shaneco for shangqiu gets to be president porsche. Aggregates to live in the presidential palace gets secret police. He gets all kinds of stuff right. He's got to give something for that doesn't he. I mean poor. Shangqiu doesn't get all that without some giveback right so there was some giveback and the giveback was in the form of a thing called the black ledger. Have you guys heard game. Paul manafort just got pardoned. The black ledger was released by poro. Shinko here he is admitting it. We release the The body documents from the former legions. Then what are the key adviser for the replayed again. We released just a joe. We released the voted documents from the former agents pocket as the stand while the key adviser for the mr pot hole. Monifa resigned today. Think he'd gone back to russia. I don't know. I think this was a bad idea to take the adviser to the top teeth. I think so too but there's a lot of bad decisions he's making right. I'll talk to you begin week. All right thank you very much under. But let me know about after meeting with of the lodging bomber and i can share the information to better than mainly. We can do tomorrow with after you whenever you believe it. Just let me know about that..

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