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Another worth 3 to $10,000 is funding rifle resistant body armor purchases for up to 400 officers for the next six weeks. Central Health Austin Public Health and Travis County are teaming up to provide free personal protective equipment to people in need. Also, public health director Stephanie Hated says. High risk communities will be the priority. This timing makes the most sense because we're entering Labor Day weekend and then we are preparing for school to start kits include face coverings in hand sanitizer and can be collected and community care clinics On blames the county has approved the extension of its opioid Emergency response. Pilot program of tens of thousands of doses of anti overdose drug naloxone have been distributed to first responders through that opioid program. LBJ RADAR Weather Watch Three high 86 Get Austin News on demand at news radio k LBJ dot com. But you rushed to face a little for my big pajamas have brushed you shoes and a case to reflection. It's getting out of play. The church and steeple. Lonetree Hill build buildings, memories of it. Forget it. I know what's going on. To live in truth. To talk to George Noory called the Wild card line at 8185014109. The first time caller line is 81850147 to 1 to talk told free from east of the Rockies. Call 808 to 55033 from west of the Rockies told Free Call 800. 6188255 to reach George via Skype Use Skype named George 97313 Cent Georgia text message Anytime at 8182986521. This is coast to coast. Am with George.

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