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And then okay, the in we had tiffany had. Your love Tiffany has some girls mater style. She the one, the Emmy Award, and all that Shit Tiffany Haddish, said well hell I'm running for president, two and Dave's. My running mate. Let's it. So I asked the question that begs the question of this right here because we don't come up with our own candidates so well we wanna know is who's that? Booze Nick. Let's come up with a couple of options hails. It's everybody else though and people's names hats in the race and Shit, you know in a fantasy world you know. Let's pick some similarity. Somebody who Dan gotta be. No Sir could be somebody who mean a lot to you. You know what I'm saying. Who Do you think needs to run for president? You know what I'm saying. I'm GonNa tell you. Could say what you want about her. You know because it is time for female in in that seat, and you could say which one of her Herbert. This person is a bona fide winner. They are ambitious. They have beaten. The is have they come from the trenches. They know the hood down on one nobody talking about their mom or they man candy berries, i. don't care what you say. Tell you so. I didn't know where you're. New You. So let me tell you some candy. Berries can do it see survived snake pit in the real housewives of Atlanta she has made it through. She's a successful entrepreneur knows how to handle. Budgets knows how to have work with a team is always considered of other people's views. We know he's open to a lot of different things. You know, so. WE AIN'T GONNA have no problem getting everybody. They write to where they need him I say briquet Hebron candy ass down there as far as her running. Mate Mama Joyce. You know why because we need somebody no nonsense on foreign policy. Who Rented Asante WHO's running? Who needs to WHO's next? WHO's ready for? You know I just I wanNA, give black people a break from the White House. There's a lot of mess to clean up and they're gonNA. Blame US anytime we touch it so in the spirit of whiteness to vote in Brittany. Spears wowed, thank. You know I think the presidency. The presidency has always been given the. Outside of the one that matters Obama onto people that are just good puppet Britney Jean would be a great pup puppet. She would strengthen our foreign ties, and just really unified the country with her smile and Campinas well. The corrupt individuals keep doing whatever the fuck they doing behind the scenes, so you have opening spears. She'd been be dancing. She was dancing like it was a spider on her. The other day on I remember whether it was on tick tock some. She looked like she was taking tax. You know where she? Just making. A regular ask youtube videos and we put them in the weirdest places. Like what was that women on basketball wives and makes them make FUN OF FOR MAKING VIDEO WHO. Des. Rois. You know what I'm talking about. She's just with. Her name was Kenya. She was on a treadmill doing. SWEET DREAM WE Say. I know exactly what you're talking about. And it was crazy. Radic movements like. I vote for Britney because ultimately anger. Father rented her life now. Yeah Yeah so we've been another white man in the office. Well my vote got pretty far. I would just pushing. Marianne, Williamson, it's time for the staging of America. I. Mean I just WanNa State of the Union for million, Williamson, come on man. You. You got to get out here and chain and. I want to state of the Union for things is really legal base. Should be doing tarot readings, every Monday for the states every state. Tarot Energy Forecast. I mean I. See it. Every state will have. Every state will have a state crystal like come on, come on. It's time spirit community. They don't believe in suits or anything. So you know I'm all about that. Being just nixed from the record. Just see what that looks like. She got a yoga pose her presidential photo. Marino. Style on the floor shit with our finger hands, clasped overhead Shit Madam. A nationwide meditation. You know at US country. Listen I'm telling you. We should've pushback did appreciate the her being part of the debates, even though people had jokes I'm were making fun of her for the most part, but she was saying wise ofr ed. Math is. Well yeah she. She, was it was it was more so the Let me think. How can I how can I take? It was more so the Lemme give you the real low down tone of conversation I. It was more so like. I'm telling you a secret to put you on game because I'm I'm savvy in this area and I'm GonNa. Give you the the street code. F! You know girlfriend. Good friend knows a way. She was talking to people on their platform. I couldn't. I used to have a teacher just like there, so that's all and I. See that Shit I. Just be like. Everybody's. She's everybody's like public. School Art Teacher. That was just she.

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